Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Gossip Girl Season 6 Report Card

Gossip Girl: New York, I Love You XOXO (Series Finale) Recap/Review

Hey Upper East Siders, welcome to the last ever 'Gossip Girl' post I'll make. This is because 'Gossip Girl' aired it's series finale this week, 'New York, I Love You XOXO'. I have so many mixed emotions about this episode and I'll try to detail them as I go along but this was seriously the best 'Gossip Girl' episode since season 2. Also, I might have learned Gossip Girl's identity before I actually watched the episode but it was an accident. We begin the final episode right where last week's left off, with Bart Bass' dead body hitting the ground. Georgina is still at the Man of the Year event when she spots security saying that they have a situation, Georgina knows what's going down. Blair and Chuck are trying to escape from the scene of the crime and they do so with the help of Georgina. They call Georgina and have her talk to Chuck's driver while they hide in the trunk of the car. Meanwhile, Serena is trying to flee from New York when she finds Dan's chapter in her luggage, which is the chapter that paints her in a good light. Sage, Nate and Lily all find out about Bart's death on the news while Ivy calls to tell William at the crime scene. Blair and Chuck thankfully get away but the cops stop at The Empire and Blair's apartment to question Nate, Dorota, Eleanor and Cyrus but they all stay quiet. The morning after, we learn that Chuck and Blair are hiding outside of the city in a hotel but Jack Bass figures this out and stops by to question the fugitives. Back in the city, Serena returns to talk to Dan about his positive chapter (might I just say... Trust no bitch, Serena). Whereas, Jack reveals that he had a tracking device on Chuck's limo and that's how he found the couple. When Jack finds out what happened on the roof, he's all in to save Blair and Chuck. He says that they should get married so then they'll have spousal privilege. Blair agrees to this plan but if they weren't forced to then would they ever have gotten married?

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Glee: Glee, Actually (Holiday Episode) Recap/Review

'Glee' joins '9O21O' and 'The Vampire Diaries' by having a festive episode this week. Sue begins the episode by telling us that this week will be a little different as it will feature five different stories that will link together at the end, hence the title of the episode 'Glee, Actually'. Artie is having a rough time as he believes that life would be much better if he were never in his wheelchair. So in a 'It's a Wonderful Life' type storyline, he learns that everyone is better off with him in his chair. Artie dreams all of this in black and white, yep another Christmas episode in black and white, here we go. In his dream, Rory (remember Rory from last season?) is his guide, I'm not gonna lie I was really happy to see Rory again. One of the most funniest parts of Artie's dream was that Rachel is a librarian at the McKinley high school. One of the worst parts was that Finn, Puck and Ryder were all jerks. Also, Mr. Schuester was depressed, drunk and still married to Terri. It turns out that Artie was the glue of Glee or something so there was no Glee without him. I'm pretty sure that Glee would've happened without Artie but whatever. To fix things, Artie calls everyone to the choir room and sings 'Feliz Navidad', I didn't really like this song choice. It doesn't matter though as Artie's performance fixed nothing. After this, Artie finds a wheelchair in the hallway. Rory tells Artie that it's Quinn's wheelchair as she still got in the car accident and died because without the Glee club's support she never made a recovery. Did they really have to bring the worst Glee storyline ever back up again? Ugh. Anyway, Artie sits on the wheelchair and his dream is over, he appreciates his wheelchair and the help of others more now.

The Vampire Diaries: O Come, All Ye Faithful (Holiday Episode) Recap/Review

It was a Christmas themed episode of 'The Vampire Diaries' this week named 'O Come, All Ye Faithful'. I love holiday episodes and this is the first Christmas related episode that 'The Vampire Diaries' has ever done. The episode starts the morning after last episode ended, in Damon's room he and Elena talk about their relationship and the sire bond, I could warm up to a Damon/Elena relationship cause they're kinda cute together. They don't decide on breaking the bond or not as Elena gets a text from Bonnie who is at the Gilbert's lake house teaching Jeremy to not kill Elena. At Klaus', he's painting a donation to the Winter Wonderland charity event when Stefan comes over, I forgot that Klaus was an artist. Stefan tells Klaus that they need to find the cure soon so Klaus shows him the sword that he found in Italy and he also says that the sword is the key to reading the map. Meanwhile, Klaus' sired hybrids are getting real tired of him which is okay because Tyler's plan is being set into motion as Haley claims that she has found a witch to help them. Haley seems to have gotten kind of psychotic recently. The Winter Wonderland event is so beautiful and it's here that Tyler tells Caroline about Haley finding a witch to perform the body jump spell. Tyler's plan is to be buried under cement and then have the witch put Klaus in his body, Tyler would have to be buried for months so the hybrids could get away safety. Caroline hates Tyler's plan but she comes around when she sees how passionate he is about freeing the hybrids. At the Gilbert lake house, Jeremy invites Elena in and then tries to attack her but she's too quick for him. Professor Shane is also at the lake house to help with Jeremy's killer instincts. Then Caroline calls Stefan to tell him about Tyler's plan but if they plan to keep Klaus buried for several months then Stefan needs the sword. This means that Stefan must go to Klaus' house and find the sword before Tyler's plan takes action.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gossip Girl: The Revengers Recap/Review

It was the penultimate episode of 'Gossip Girl' this week with 'The Revengers'. A lot went down in this episode so lets get to it... Blair starts the episode by having one of signature Audrey Hepburn dreams (I'm guessing that it was a Audrey Hepburn movie, I've never seen it before). Is this the last Blair dream sequence that we'll be treated to? Once Blair awakens from her nightmare, she begins to put her plan to take down Bart Bass once and for all into motion. While Blair begins scheming, Dan is searching for a new apartment with the help of Georgina. I love Georgina too much, it's unhealthy at this point. Dan decides that he wants the apartment but the realtor tells him that he'll need a good reference to get in. As we know, Lily left last episode because she's afraid of Bart but she's still helping Chuck. Although they learn that they don't have enough information to convict Bart so Blair thinks they can bluff a confession out of him. In order to do this they must use Ivy so they can keep Lily safe. Serena (who is planning to move to L.A. but keeps it a secret) helps them get in contact with Ivy as she thinks that Ivy is staying at CeCe's Hamptons house. Ivy agrees to help because she's desperate. However, Nate is feeding Bart the plan as he has to keep The Spectator afloat with the help of Bart's money so he has no other choice. Blair, Chuck, Serena and Ivy all meet at The Oak Room (the location for one of the most notable scenes of the season 2 finale). The plan is to use Ivy and copies of the micro-film as bait but Ivy didn't really make copies, Bart doesn't know this though. We then find out that Nate is also in on the plan and he just gave Bart the information that Ivy is back in New York which is exactly what the gang wanted to happen. Although, things take a detour when Bart becomes wise to what the gang is trying to do so he has Nate arrested which he has been threatening to do for episodes now. Nate's arrest kind of reminded me of Serena's season 2 arrest.

9O21O: The Things We Do for Love (Holiday Episode) Recap/Review

Merry Christmas! That's right, the '9O21O' gang were celebrating the most wonderful time of year with 'The Things We Do for Love' this week. Unfortunately, things were less than wonderful. We start with Noami, Annie and Silver shopping for some Christmas presents. Naomi feels bad about Max being fired so she has to get him the best Christmas present ever, which turns out to be a car. Whereas Annie is worried about what to get Riley because she might be leaving for a writing program in Scotland. I have problems with this because Annie's blog is very badly written and it seems like she just woke up and decided to be a writer. That's not how it works, you gotta have a passion for it but there's no telling Annie. Lastly, Silver is getting ready to be a mother, all she needs is for Teddy to sign a release paper that states he won't claim rights as father or anything like that. At the rehab center, Dixon is complaining about having to buy people presents. Is he for real? Buying/giving is the best part! Where is his holiday spirit? Riley is then asked about taking part in an experimental surgery but he declines. At The Offshore, Navid and Adrianna are putting up decorations while they talk about Silver and Dixon. Don't Adrianna and Navid find it awkward talking about this with each other saying as they used to date? Over at Liam's new house, he gets a hamper from the film studio which has a document in it asking him to bring $500,000 to Baker State Park. When Naomi arrives home from Christmas shopping she discovers Alec and Max having a meeting.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Glee: Swan Song Recap/Review

Things were crazy last week on 'Glee' and this week's episode 'Swan Song' picks up moments after Marley fainted on stage. Everyone is trying to help Marley by getting her food or some juice, even Kitty seems to feel a little bad. Santana totally calls Kitty out when she says that Kitty is "a crazy evil bitch." Santana knows what she's talking about. The club needs to get Marley back on her feet because a club isn't allowed to leave the stage or they will be disqualified from Sectionals. But it's too late as Sue points out and we're told that The Warblers have won. In New York, Kurt tells Rachel everything that happened at Sectionals and they then talk about NYADA. It seems that Carmen Tibideaux hands out golden tickets to NYADA's winter showcase and it's a great honor to get one. So imagine just how happy Rachel was when she received a golden ticket. Back at McKinley, the choir room is being torn apart (literary) by Sue who is turning into her new rehearsal space. Saying as the Glee club has lost Sectionals, this means that they have also lost their rehearsal space and they have to find another place to practice. Principal Figgins confirms this and Finn has to hand over the keys to the choir room. Sue then admits that she feels bad about the Glee club. I blame Kitty for everything! However, the Glee club is blaming Marley, especially when Finn tells them that there will be no Glee club until next year as that's when they'll get the choir room back. It is not Marley's fault! Where's Santana? She knows the truth!

The Vampire Diaries: We'll Always Have Bourbon Street Recap/Review

I don't know how many more ways I can say that 'The Vampire Diaries' is amazing. It's just a show that is always improving on prior storylines and giving the audience new information. So let's just get down to it... it's the morning after Elena and Damon slept with each other. Caroline and Stefan are still freaking out about Elena being sired to Damon. Whereas, Damon and Elena are having sex again. Elena is actually really playful and cute in this scene, it's fun to see her like this because she's normally so moody. Anyway, Haley and Tyler are still trying to break Klaus' sire bond on a hybrid named Adrian and Kim (who Haley helped break the bond last week) is also helping. Kim sees the pain that Adrian's in so she sets him free but Haley gets real upset about this because she needs to break the bonds for Shane. Haley scares me ever since we found out that she's cohorts with Professor Shane. Back to Elena and Damon, she's getting ready to go to school while they try to think up a way of telling Stefan that they're together now. Although, when Elena opens the door to leave, Stefan is standing there and he sees them laughing so this basically says it all (awkward). Elena leaves anyway and Stefan talks to Damon about Elena being sired. Damon doesn't believe it at first but then Stefan tells him to ask Elena to drink out of a blood bag, if she keeps the blood down then she's obviously sired. At Mystic Falls High, Elena invites Bonnie and Caroline over to stay at the Salvatore's so they can have a slumber party. Elena then sees Damon in the halls and follows him into an empty classroom where he asks her to drink from the blood bag. She actually keeps it down meaning Elena is so sired! We then find out that Haley is breaking the sire bonds for Shane because he has information on where her parents are but she can only get this information when she can hand over twelve hybrids, Haley currently has eleven. I can't believe that this is all so Haley can find out where her parents are, isn't that what private detectives are for? Call Veronica Mars or something. Back at the Salvatore's, Damon reveals to Stefan that there was another girl sired to him in the 1940's, New Orleans and her name was Charlotte. Damon found a witch named Valerie to help break the sire bond on Charlotte so they gotta take a road trip to New Orleans.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Gossip Girl: It's Really Complicated Recap/Review

'Gossip Girl' was a little late with its Thanksgiving installment this week titled 'It's Really Complicated'. But this was a very exciting episode and it seems like things are finally starting to heat up on the Upper East Side. Although at the start of the episode Blair is planning to leave the UES to spend Thanksgiving in Paris with her mother. It seems like Blair flees when things get hard in her life. Meanwhile, Serena and Dan are planning their own Thanksgiving this year which Lily won't be able to attend as her and Bart are going on a romantic getaway. This isn't bad news though because Serena and Dan can now invite Chuck, Nate and Rufus saying as the dastardly duo won't be around. But Chuck has been living in his bed since his plans to ruin his father fell through. Blair is all set for Paris when Serena comes to invite her to Thanksgiving. At first Blair opposes the idea of spending a holiday with Humphrey but she turns this occasion into a scheme and I love a good Blair Waldorf scheme. Her plan is to break up Dan and Serena with the help of Sage and Steven. Blair tells Sage that Nate will take her back if she undoes the mess that is Serena and Steven's relationship. In the park, Georgina (who looks glorious) tries to pressure Dan into giving her the Serena chapter. But Dan tells Georgina that she isn't his editor to which she says; "I am your everything." You're my everything Georgina, I love you. Anyway, Georgina fears that Dan's Serena chapter might be a love letter so she stops at nothing to get it. While Dan is leaving he gets a call from Serena who runs into Steven and Sage at the grocery store. We then learn that Bruce, that guy from a couple of episodes back, is dead. This is suspicious as he was one of the people to know about Bart's dirty dealings and he died when he fell off a Bass boat and drowned. Chuck is unmotivated when Nate tells him all this because he feels like there will be no way to take Bart down without there being a loophole. Outside The Empire, Blair tries to get in but the doorman tells her that she's not welcome according to Chuck. That's kinda harsh Chuck.

9O21O: 9O2-100 (100th Episode)

So this week's '9O21O' was a big milestone for any TV series, it was the 100th episode, titled '9O2-100'. To tell the truth I actually expected much more from this episode as it is the 100th, I mean that's the time to pull out all the stops. To reinforce my point let's look at some other 100th episodes from teen dramas... One Tree Hill: A wedding, a runaway bride, a kidnapping, a psychotic nanny, returns from many fan favorites, a couple reunited. Gossip Girl: A royal wedding, the return of a psychotic schemer (I call her Georgina), a runaway bride, a confused bride, a runaway bride again and a big reveal. Unfortunately 'One Tree Hill' and 'Gossip Girl' are the only two teen dramas to actually celebrate the milestone or last as long as 100 episodes so they're the only examples I have right now. However, if I were to make a list of '9O21O's 100th episode achievements or shockers, it really wouldn't go that far because none of it was really shocking or made me care. Well that's my rant for this week over, let's get on with it... We kick off with Liam having nightmares about Vanessa's dead body underwater. This would be good and all if it wasn't just like Nathan's nightmares of a dead Haley underwater in 'One Tree Hill's season 3 finale. Anyway, Liam wakes up because Navid has come to apologize for the whole sex tape debacle but Liam isn't hearing it. We then find out that Dixon is officially the head of his own record label (that was fast) and Adrianna is the first act that he will be signing. At the burlesque club, Silver shows up to give her burlesque stuff back as she's quitting to have her baby. Meanwhile, Naomi is having a meeting with some West Bev High alumni club for women. This reminded me of Blair in season 4 of 'Gossip Girl' when she wanted to be accepted by some secret New York society clubs. However, Naomi has to compete with one other girl (named Felicity) to get a spot in the club and she must prove herself at the West Bev Homecoming Alumni event.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Glee: Thanksgiving Recap/Review

'Glee' is a little bit late with this episode, 'Thanksgiving' but it was one of my favorite episodes from this season. I wish that all the series regulars could be in every episode because it really helped to advance the plot and made this whole episode even more enjoyable. So everyone is back in Lima for Thanksgiving which is why Quinn, Puck, Mercedes, Santana, Mike and Finn all start the episode with 'Homeward Bound/Home'. I've really missed hearing all the old voices so I enjoyed this song just because I liked to hear Santana and Mercedes' voices together again. Marley then has a voice-over in which she tells us about a dream she had, in the dream she was on stage and ready to sing. I really liked how Marley talked about her dream, it really intrigued me. Well now her dream is coming true as sectionals are coming up. The old gang hang out at Breadstix and talk about their current lives. I love how Quinn said that she and Rachel still keep in touch. The next day, Finn pairs the new Glee club members with the old members, the old members acting as mentors. Puck is with Jake, Mike with Ryder, Marley with Santana, Kitty with Quinn and Wade with Mercedes. Finn then tells the Glee club that they will be preforming 'Gangnam Style' at sectionals. All the guys with be trying out to be lead male dancer with Mike and Finn judging. After the club meeting, Jake tells Ryder that he and Marley went out and Ryder seems fine with it. So they're cool now? I'm okay with this. In New York, Rachel and Kurt decide to not go home for Thanksgiving and instead they'll have their own orphan Thanksgiving.

The Vampire Diaries: My Brother's Keeper Recap/Review

Things just got more insane on 'The Vampire Diaries' this week with 'My Brother's Keeper'. I didn't think it could get more crazy but I was obviously proved wrong. This show is exactly how a TV show should be written, there should be a constant development of characters, stories etc. and the stakes should be raised. 'The Vampire Diaries' is successful in doing this and that's what makes it so enjoyable to watch each week. Rant over... We start with Stefan working-out in the woods while talking to Caroline on the phone. I love their friendship, it's gotten better over the seasons and I feel that Caroline is basically Stefan's new Lexie. Stefan tells Caroline that Elena said she has feelings for Damon which Caroline is very upset about because she's Team Stefan. As Stefan is about to leave his work-out spot, Klaus pops up to make sure that Stefan gets Jeremy to kill more vampires so they can find the cure. Sometime later, Damon catches Stefan leaving the Salvatore residence. When Damon asks Stefan where he's going Stefan reacts very moody and confesses that he and Elena broke up. Before Stefan exits, Damon says that they should find another hunter so Jeremy doesn't go off the deep end but Stefan isn't listening. At the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, Caroline and Elena are having some girl talk about Damon and Stefan when Professor Shane interrupts, it seems that Shane is a pageant judge. Elena thinks that Shane is a little odd, it's good that they're catching on but they don't do much about it. Jeremy and Matt are also helping to set up the pageant, we learn that Matt will be Elena's date to the pageant and Jeremy will be April's (who is running for Miss Mystic Falls). Jeremy also shows us that he is now Superman strong because his hunter mark has been activated. Meanwhile, Stefan is lurking around the hospital trying to find murderers to turn into vampires and he succeeds in his mission. Back at the pageant set up, Klaus appears to remind Caroline that he was promised a date so the pageant will do fine. Caroline resists at first but then gives in. Haley and Tyler are trying to break the sire bond on another hybrid when the pageant set up is happening. Tyler then asks Haley to be his date for the pageant. At the Gilbert estate (LOL), Jeremy helps Elena put on a necklace but he's a hunter now so he strangles her with the necklace. But it was all a dream! A sweaty Jeremy wakes up with a stake and knife in hand though.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Gossip Girl: Save the Last Chance Recap/Review

It was a very topsy-turvy twisty episode of 'Gossip Girl' this week with 'Save the Last Chance'. I lot went down and so much more developed. We started in bed with Dan and Serena who think that they should make amends with all their friends so they can finally come out as a couple. When I saw Dan and Serena in bed like that I expected Jenny to walk in, snap a pic and send it to Gossip Girl but no such luck. While Serena and Dan enjoy their morning, Bart has been turning Chuck's hotel room upside-down looking for the micro-film that could send him to jail if it were to leak into the wrong hands. Too bad that it's already in the wrong hands, Ivy's hands to be exact. Ivy basically owns these bitches now and she makes sure that they know it. We find out that Nate is still having finical problems with The Spectator but that's not nearly as interesting as Serena's efforts to be besties with Blair again. Blair is having none of it because her new line launches in a couple of hours and she doesn't want Serena to ruin it. Nelly Yuki appears again just to let Blair know that she'll be at the event tonight so it better be good. I'm not being rude or anything but what is Nelly still doing here? I'm not complaining but doesn't she have better things to do? Back in Chuck's hotel room, Ivy tells Chuck and Bart that whoever comes up with a plan to humiliate Lily will get the micro-film, until then she'll be waiting. However, she won't be waiting with Rufus but instead she's waiting in the Empire Hotel with William van der Woodsen! Ivy is actually in a relationship with William and is just pretending to like Rufus. Ewwww, what is up with this girl? Does she have a daddy complex? Anyway, William is in on Lola and Ivy's plan to take down Lily. Why? I don't really know but Lola brought Ivy and William together and that's why they are now a creepy item.

9O21O: 99 Problems Recap/Review

I thought it was interesting that the writers decided to name this week's '9O21O' episode, '99 Problems'. Are they admitting that '9O21O' has that many problems (or probably more)? Or are they trying to be clever as the 100th episode is coming up next week. I would say that it's the latter but it would be more accurate if it were the former. At the start of this week's episode, Silver takes a pregnancy test to find out that she isn't pregnant. I felt bad for Silver because she really wants to have a baby, are they ever going to let her have one? However Adrianna gets good news when she finds out that she'll be opening for Ne-Yo at the Hollywood Bowl. Dixon thinks that Adrianna should get a gift for all her hard work and then he asks Annie for money but not to pay for Adrianna's gift but to help his music career. I forgot that Annie is rich because we hardly ever see her spend much money anymore. At Naomi's, she helps Max pick a new business partner but only because she wants Max to sleep with her, she's so self-absorbed. People are going crazy for Liam ever since the sex tape scandal and the press are still hounding him when Silver arrives to ask him to go to the fertility clinic with her. Back with Naomi, she decides to surprise Max at his offices wearing nothing but a coat, I can't believe she's still doing that. But Max is in a meeting with Brice, a chick that Naomi picked to be Max's new partner. Although, when Naomi picked Brice she thought Brice was a man not a woman. Meanwhile, Liam finds a letter outside the bar that says "where's Vanessa? I know what you did. You can run, but you can't hide." How very 'Pretty Little Liars'/'I Know What You Did Last Summer'/'Desperate Housewives' of '9O21O'. In other words... how unoriginal.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Glee: Dynamic Duets Recap/Review

'Glee' took on the theme of superheroes this week with 'Dynamic Duets'. The only other Teen Drama that has done a superhero episode is 'One Tree Hill' in season 8 with the episode 'Holding Out for a Hero'. It's an odd theme to have running through-out an episode and I think that 'Glee' did an okay job with it. This won't go down as one of my all time favorite 'Glee' episodes but it was better than 'The Role You Were Born to Play'. The reason I mention this episode is because it didn't feature Lea Michele either and I just don't think you can have an episode of 'Glee' without Rachel Berry, she's what I tune in for and her storylines are the best in the show right now. So we begin this episode with a meeting of The Secret Society of Superheroes Club, which is a club dedicated to protecting the hallways of McKinley, much like Santana's Bully Whips Program. We get a rundown of everyone's superpowers and Sugar's is my favorite, her superpower is money. Then we find out that the Glee club's trophy has been stolen with a message left by a student from the Dalton Academy so it's up to this weirdo club of superheroes to save the day.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Gossip Girl: Where the Vile Things Are Mixtape

Last week, it was Frank Ocean. This week, it's the Australian indie rock band 'My Fiction' that are taking over 'Gossip Girl'. Three of their songs were featured on 'Where the Vile Things Are', and fit perfectly into the upbeat episode. The show seemed to be all about Aussie artists this week, as up-and-coming artist Tara Simmons was also featured. This episode provided many opportunities for great music moments and although I believe a few more songs could have been featured this week, I did love the songs that they did feature. I love that Gossip Girl is spending its last season doing what it's always done best; giving recognition to great artists.

90210: The Con Mixtape

'90210' features many different artists every week, from multiple genres. Most of the artists featured on the show are on the brink of fame and waiting for recognition, and I love shows that support underrated artists, such as 'Gossip Girl' and 'The OC'. However, although '90210' is insistent on featuring different artists, I can't help but notice that these artists aren't getting the same recognition on this show as they would on any other. Although the songs are great, they don't seem to quite fit. Either the dialogue is overriding the music or the song doesn't bring across the emotion the writers want you to feel, and if they want to promote their actors' music, perhaps they should be taking notes from shows such as 'One Tree Hill'. I also love Ron Pope, but his song 'October Trees' just didn't fit in the ending montage. I think that if they had chosen a song which suited the dialogue and the situation more appropriately, and if the song didn't have a varying pace, it could have been much better. I believe that a powerful song like this works much better in an ending montage when there's as little dialogue as possible. When 'The Vampire Diaries' featured 'Ron Pope - A Drop in the Ocean', it became a massive hit, all because they managed to find the perfect moment to play it at, to really trigger emotion. '90210' has so much potential when it comes to music, it really does, but this week I felt certain songs were misplaced and drowned out.

Gossip Girl: Where the Vile Things Are Recap/Review

'Gossip Girl' was very tame and disappointing this week with 'Where the Vile Things Are'. I don't know what but it felt like something was missing. We began with Blair waiting for her mother to arrive and when Eleanor got there she was really angry at Blair's latest ventures. Eleanor told Blair that she needed to let go of her dark side if she wanted to run Waldorf Designs. Blair can't change though, scheming is what she does, it's why I love her. In Brooklyn, Ivy and Rufus find out that no-one will be attending his gallery opening because Lily is having a rivalry auction the same night, I blame Ivy. Chuck is still trying to find evidence of Bart's bad dealings, he is led to a man named Bruce who has given Bart an envelope of some sort in the past. Dan stayed over at the van der Woodsen's the night before and the sexual tension between Dan and Serena is undeniable. But Dan wants his own place so Serena takes it upon herself to help him find one. Outside, Serena discovers that Dan now has a vespa, if you remember season 1 then you will remember that vespas really turn Serena on. The pair quickly ride off on the vespa as the paparazzi jumps out of nowhere to take pictures of them. I feel like a Dan/Serena relationship at this point is very unnatural but a friendship does not, I would prefer it if they would just remain good friends. I don't think that's where this season is going though.

9O21O: The Con Recap/Review

Here we are again... 'The Con' was the name of this week's episode of '9O21O' and it wasn't a horrible, hard to watch episode. Although, it wasn't good either. The episode was about the gang all going to a Comic-Con like event named Phenomi-Con. We started with Liam and Lindsey making out in her car, Liam asks her to come to Phenomi-Con with him (he's going to promote his new movie) but she isn't ready to take their relationship public yet. I'm not a fan of this relationship and frankly it bores me. Max, Alec and Naomi try to think of a way to save Max's company. The program that Colin stole has details about the company's new groundbreaking gaming ventures. To fix the problem, they come up with the idea of showing a demo of the game at Phenomi-Con. However, it's going to take a lot of effort to get the demo ready by then so they have an all night coding session. At the college campus, Riley rolls up to apologize to Annie for the things he said at the pop-up. But they quickly start fighting again when Riley admits that he likes Annie and she says that she still wants to give Colin a chance. Isn't it funny how scenes take place on the college campus but we have no idea what classes these kids are taking. Anyway at The Offshore, Silver comes to talk to Liam about going to Phenomi-Con together. Before she sees Liam though she runs into Navid (again) and she is so not interested in him or his clubs, it's kinda hilarious how much she doesn't care about him. Things are not going good for Dixon and Adrianna as she's still angry about what he said to her at the pop-up. Adrianna kissed Taylor though, isn't she feeling at all guilty? Clearly not as she's still have secret rendezvouses with him.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Vampire Diaries: We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes Mixtape

No show does music like 'The Vampire Diaries'. I first realised this when I watched the pilot, and 'One Republic - Say (All I Need)' started to play as Elena walked down the street. And then you get a tragic break-up scene accompanied by 'Jason Walker - Down', and all of a sudden you're feeling every bit as shattered as Elena did in that moment. Those epic moments in the show made me fall in love with 'The Vampire Diaries', because it became very clear to me that music in this show is just as crucial as the words written down in the script. And what I love the most, is that 'The Vampire Diaries' is consistent. After I watch a new episode, the first thing I do is research what music was played. And I've done this every single week since I've started to watch the show. Music is just as crucial in the show now than it was in the very beginning, and I love, love LOVE that Chris Mollere (the music supervisor on the show) recognises how essential it is to find that perfect song to match a certain scene, and suddenly you have something memorable and magical. But I believe that the music in 'The Vampire Diaries' goes beyond making it memorable and magical. It's a masterpiece.

Glee: Glease Recap/Review

This week's 'Glee' finally payed homage to 'Grease' with the episode 'Glease'. This episode was a big improvement from last week and it was much more enjoyable to watch. So Mr. Schuester finally tells the Glee club that he's leaving for sabbatical and the club is not happy about. I though Mr. Schue had already left. But Sue breaks up the Glee brawl when she calls Finn and Mr. Schue to Principal Figgins' office. Sue is upset with Finn after he called her baby a mean name last week (which I shall not repeat) so she doesn't want Finn to run the Glee club. However, Principal Figgins doesn't seem to care and either do I, Finn can be in charge of whatever he likes. When Figgins tells Sue this she gets super angry and starts abusing the children, I love it when Sue manhandles the students. In New York, we find out that Rachel has her first off-Broadway audition and she tells Cassandra that she should also audition. Bad move Rachel, when will you learn? I really missed Rachel, I can't believe they did an episode without her last week. When Cassandra asks Brody to be her new TA, he says yes but he wants to start next week so he can help Rachel with her audition first. In Marley's fitting for 'Grease' she becomes paranoid when he costume no longer fits her. Although, Marley hasn't gained weight, Kitty has been altering Marley's costumes. Let's just stab Kitty! Kitty then invites all the girls (including Unique) to a sleepover at her house. But Marley is still feeling down about her sudden weight gain so she asks her mom for advice. I love Marley's mom, she's so nice and helpful. Finn then goes to the teacher's lounge to say sorry to Sue about his comments but Scary Sue is back and she is not taking it. Sue actually isn't allowing Finn to rehearse in the auditorium for 'Grease' so Finn has the guys practice at Hummel Tires and Lube where they break out into singing 'Greased Lightin'. This isn't my favorite 'Grease' song but it was a good performance.

The Vampire Diaries: We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes Recap/Review

'We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes' was the name of this week's 'Vampire Diaries' and it really fit with the overall plot of the episode as Elena was pretty much going insane. Remember how Elena killed Connor last week? Well Connor has been haunting her since his death, his ghost has been appearing all over the place. When Elena can't sleep she goes downstairs to get a warm cup of milk but Connor's ghost won't leave her alone. So Elena calls out to Jeremy for help but he takes too long so Elena just stabs Connor. But Elena actually stabs Jeremy, in her mind he just looked like Connor. Poor Jeremy, this kind of stuff always happens to him. It's okay though because Jeremy was wearing his ring that brought him back to life if he died by a supernatural cause. Elena calls Damon over because she needs someone to listen to her freak out and she doesn't want Stefan to come because he lied to her. Although Stefan comes over anyway and when he goes to talk to Elena she is too angry to talk. I don't really know why Elena is so angry at Stefan, maybe I forgot something from last week. Over at Tyler's, Klaus comes over to check on things after his trip to Italy. Klaus seems to be taking everything well, I expected him to be more upset about Connor's death. Caroline then shows up to keep up with her and Tyler's faux break up, she does this by giving Tyler back some of his things while Klaus watches. Klaus leaves them alone to fight but Tyler, Caroline and Haley just laugh about how Klaus is falling for it. While this is happening, Elena takes a shower to get rid of Jeremy's blood on her hands but the shower overflows with blood. This reminded me of the scene from Teen Wolf in which Lydia was taking a shower and it looked like she was seeing things. Downstairs, Stefan is on the phone to Klaus who tells Stefan that Elena is in for trouble because she killed a hunter. It just so happens that Klaus is waiting outside Elena's house so Stefan goes out to talk to him. I forgot that Klaus has never been invited in before but that's good, they should keep it like that. Anywho, Klaus tells Stefan that because Elena killed Connor, he'll now haunt her until she kills herself. Back with Elena, she starts seeing Connor again and she runs outside to Stefan so he can help her but Klaus grabs Elena and runs away with her.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Gossip Girl: Monstrous Ball Mixtape

One of my favourite things about 'Chop Shop Music Supervision' is that while they’re adamant on finding the perfect song to highlight the perfect moment, they’re also not afraid to have fun. Promoting up and coming artists is what Alex Pastavas does best, and 'Gossip Girl' did an exceptional job on not only finding music to amplify the fun and dramatic moments in this week’s episode, but to also draw attention to an R&B artist who is taking over the music scene right now; Frank Ocean. For the first time ever, 'Gossip Girl' has solely used one artist's music to soundtrack an episode, and it is also the first time Ocean’s music has been used in a TV series. While this is a great and unique take on promoting an artist in a show, I can’t help but compare this episode to ‘Hi Society’ which featured several of my favorite 'Gossip Girl' musical moments, such as when Dan literally sweeps Serena off her feet and ‘Apologise’ by One Republic plays. Music was once able to make a moment magical in 'Gossip Girl', and I think that’s an element of season one that I miss the most.  Nevertheless, this episode featured five tracks from Ocean’s debut LP, 'Channel Orange', a wonderful choice to accentuate the drama and dancing in the 'Monstrous Ball'.

Gossip Girl: Monstrous Ball Recap/Review

'Gossip Girl' is now officially half-way through it's final season and there really haven't been many jaw-dropping, 'OMG' moments. Although, 'Monstrous Ball' was a fun episode that I really enjoyed watching. This whole episode revolved around the annual debutante ball, like the gang's ball from season 1 and then Jenny's in season 3. Blair is trying to get Waldorf Designs a good name again but all her designs thus far are too uptight, according to Dan; he informs her that she should have a more shocking approach. I love that the Dan/Blair friendship is back. Georgina then arrives to discuss business things. Serena and Steven are having a lovely morning, enjoying breakfast until Sage comes in with her dress. Sage is so annoying I can't handle her any longer. Serena wasn't invited to the ball but then Steven invites her last minute when the subject is brought up. Back with Georgina and Dan, Georgina is trying to get the next chapter out of him (which is the Blair chapter) but he tells her that it's not ready yet so Georgina gives him until noon to hand it in. Georgina is my soul sister, I love her that much. When Georgina leaves, Dorota comes rushing in with Blair's engagement ring and asks Dan if he's seen her as she has forgotten it. Considering this, Dan calls for his chapter to be picked up but he hands in a chapter about Chuck instead of Blair. Meanwhile, Ivy is still trying to find dirt on Lily and we find out that Rufus is having problems at his gallery. What is Ivy still doing here? Speaking of unnecessary characters, Nate and Chuck talk about Bart and then Serena has a chat with Nate about Steven. Serena and Steven's relationship bores me at this point. Chuck catches up with Lily on the streets of New York, Chuck tries to get Lily to help him get proof on Bart but Lily just wants a family. While Lily and Chuck talk, Ivy is spying on them in a nearby cab, when I saw her I couldn't stop laughing because she's so desperate. She asks Chuck if she can help him but he just walks away, which I thought was hilarious. Blair then meets up with Sage on the streets, Blair tries to get Sage to wear one of her designs to the ball but Sage tells Blair she ain't wearing Waldorf Designs. How dare Sage talk to Blair the way she did, that is enough Sage! Serena then thinks it's a good idea to snoop through Steven's things but she finds an engagement ring which Sage also stumbles upon. Isn't Serena's relationship with Steven still too early for a proposal though?

9O21O: Hate 2 Love Mixtape

'9O21O' is a show that relies heavily on music, and is determined to feature the hottest artists on the charts. In season one, '9O21O' had the ideal music supervisors, such as Liz Phair, Marc Dauer and Evan Frankfort, and the show was once an amazing source for music as they were the first to feature up and coming artists such as The Kills, Lady Gaga, Regina Spektor and a personal favourite; Nico Stai. I remember the end of season 1 episode 22; ‘The Party’s Over’, where we saw a perfect moment shared between Navid and Adrianna. The scene was appropriately accompanied by my favourite Nico Stai track ‘Maybe Maybe’ which managed to encapsulate the emotion of the scene perfectly. In the latest season, '9O21O' has featured acts on the show such as Train, Carly Rae Jepsen, and most recently Nelly Furtado, and while the performances have been energetic and fun, I can’t help but miss when '9O21O' focused on the little musical moments that made up a show rather than being adamant on getting the best performances every week to bring in viewers. Don’t get me wrong, this season has featured great energetic music, and I happen to be one of Train's biggest fans, but I do miss when '9O21O' allowed a scene and a song to fit together perfectly, rather than focusing on one or the other.

9O21O: Hate 2 Love Recap/Review

'Hate 2 Love' was the name of this week's '9O21O' and to tell you the truth, nothing really happened in this episode. At least, that's what I thought when the episode was over. We start with Silver coming to see Navid but she runs into Liam instead, who is helping set up the new night club. The duo catch up with each other for a couple of minutes and then they hug, which Navid isn't too happy about. I wish that Liam and Silver had just stayed friends and the writers never went down the relationship route. Anyway, Silver only had time to catch up with Liam so she runs out and leaves Navid and Liam to talk about Dixon. Navid still feels like Dixon isn't ready to preform yet but Liam stands his ground. What is wrong with Navid? Just let Dixon preform already, you're not his father! Meanwhile, Max holds a meeting between Alec and Naomi as he tries to get them to settle their differences but Naomi still has revenge on her mind. It seemed like Max wanted to break up with Naomi last week so I was surprised to see him so calm with Naomi like all was forgotten. Annie is having a date with Colin when Riley comes in looking for Dixon, I forgot all about Riley. On the CU campus Taylor and Navid are handing out flyers for the club opening when they run into Dixon, who runs into Megan. Every time I see Jessica Parker Kennedy it makes me miss 'The Secret Circle' so much. Megan leaves and Adrianna replaces her in a hurry, she's basically just there to remind Dixon that he has physical therapy to get to. Dixon doesn't want no woman reminding him what's happening in his life so he snaps at her for no reason. Liam then employs his professor through her firm to help him settle matters at the bar/club/whatever. Does Liam really think it's a good idea to employ the professor who already hates him?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Glee: The Role You Were Born to Play Recap/Review

'Glee' just got back from a five week break which is a pretty long time to be leaving fans because if you're like me then you will tend to forget things. I felt like 'The Role You Were Born to Play' wasn't a very good episode for 'Glee' to be returning with after such a long break because it wasn't as good as previous episodes have been. One of my main complaints for this episode is the lack of Rachel Berry/Lea Michele, who wasn't in the episode at all. Kurt/Chris wasn't in it either but I'm most upset about Rachel/Lea. But the show must go on, Finn is now working at Hummel Tires and Lube when Artie comes to check up on him and ask him to co-direct the 'Grease' school musical. Finn agrees because I think he feels that he wants to do more than just work in a tire shop for the rest of his days. At McKinley, Blaine is being pathetic when he talks to Sam about how his relationship with Kurt is over. This leads into Blaine's performance of 'Hopelessly Devoted to You', I have no sympathy for Blaine because when he was poking other guys all over Facebook he wasn't hopelessly devoted then. Therefore, I did not like this performance as Blaine is not a victim, Kurt is. This song is actually Blaine's audition for the school musical and when Artie says that Blaine would be perfect to play Danny Zuko, Blaine says that he can't because Grease is a romance. I don't care Blaine! After this, we get a surprise when Mike and Mercedes show up to help with the production of the musical. I'm so happy to see Mercedes again, I miss her so much. Mike who? In other parts of the school, Emma and Will discuss moving to Washington with Coach Beiste. Emma agrees to go to Washington with Will but she looks unhappy, we'll circle back to this later. Artie, Mercedes, Mike and Finn try to brainstorm about who could play the role of Danny, they come to dead ends until Mike inadvertently suggests that Finn search the football field for any aspiring actors/singers. That's when Finn spots Ryder Lynn played by 'The Glee Project' winner, Blake Jenner.

The Vampire Diaries: The Killer Recap/Review

I feel like it would be hard for 'The Vampire Diaries' to top itself every week but 'The Killer' proves that this show just improves. I wish every show was up to this standard but that wouldn't make 'The Vampire Diaries so unique. We started this week with flashbacks to Connor's conversation with Professor Shane and in the present day we see that Connor has beheaded the hybrid he attacked last week and he's taking the wolf toxin from his mouth (that was kinda gross). Anyway, Professor Shane tells Connor to leave Bonnie out of it but Connor says that he will kill anyone who gets in his way. At the Mystic Grill, Jeremy is doing his first shift in forever, he hasn't worked there in so long that I thought they fired him. Connor then jumps out of nowhere and holds a knife against Jeremy's throat. Poor Jeremy, he really has no idea what's going on.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Gossip Girl: Portrait of a Lady Alexander Recap/Review

Let's be real, as a farewell season 'Gossip Girl' has been pretty dry and 'Portrait of a Lady Alexander' was no exception. They need to start kicking it into high gear because there aren't many episodes left until Gossip Girl says "XOXO, forever..." That's not to say that this episode was bad, anything is easy viewing after 9O21O (as I've mentioned before). Dan is attempting to stir the pot though as this week's episode opened with the release of Dan's new article, this time it was about Nate, who isn't too happy about Dan's portrayal of him. On the streets of NYC, Dan and Georgina talk about Dan's strides in the literary world, which isn't too far to Dan's dismay as Georgina tells him that people are starting to compare him to Perez Hilton. But Georgina doesn't care, she says that it's all about the image so they need to get Dan a new A-Lister girlfriend. When Steven finds out about Dan's article on Sage's boyfriend, Nate, Steven bans Sage from seeing him. However, Serena steps in and gets Steven to invite Nate to a horse show so they can bond. I think Serena and Steven's relationship needs to end, it's too weird. It might be coming to an end though cause Dan's article mentions that Nate and Serena dated, Steven is kinda mad that Serena never told him and he wants her to tell him everyone she has ever dated. Over at Rufus' loft, Lily has sent boxes full of Rufus' stuff over, who knew that Rufus had so much junk. Ivy takes it upon herself to snoop through the boxes until she finds a letter that Lily wrote to Rufus on the day of her wedding to Bart. Blair is feeling down after her fashion show disaster, she's dodging Eleanor's calls and diving into the mystery of Lady Alexander. I feel like Blair ignoring her mother's calls is very immature, especially now that she works for Eleanor. However, Blair is very helpful with the mystery when she finds out that some dude painted a portrait of Lady Alexander so Chuck and Blair high tail it to this guy's gallery. The best character in this episode, Lily, then discovers that someone made a post about her on Gossip Girl. The post just so happens to be about her wedding and Rufus, I wonder who it could have been? Lily seems annoyed that she's on Gossip Girl but I think that she's secretly happy that she's finally being featured. Back with Blair and Chuck, they find out that the portrait of Lady Alexander is a portrait of a horse meaning that Lady Alexander is/was a horse.

9O21O: Into the Wild Recap/Review

Just when you think that it can't get much worse, here comes 'Into the Wild'. This episode of '9O21O' was supposed to air last week but was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy, I wasn't that heartbroken. If this episode aired last week then it probably would have ruined my Halloween break. Speaking of, The CW promoted this episode as being a Halloween episode. There was nothing about this that resembled Halloween so I'm extra pissed. Let's get on with it, the girls (Annie, Silver, Adrianna and Naomi) are having lunch when Naomi tells them that she plans to take Max away for the weekend so she can tell him that Alec kissed her. Meanwhile, Silver learns that her nude photos have been posted online. It's not the first time Silver has photos of her naked body going around town (remember when Adriana sent a sext blast out in season 3?) Also, Annie starts flirting with a perfectly random stranger. So a normal Beverly Hills lunch. At the UCLA campus we learn that Liam has enrolled (I thought Liam didn't want to go to college, remember how Annie cried at graduation cause Liam had other plans?) and got an 'F' on his first paper, his celebrity persona really isn't helping things when his new co-star (Carrie) shows up for publicity shots. Naomi then reveals her plans to Max but he decides that a camping trip will be better than spending time on a tropical island. Adrianna arrives home to find Taylor working with Dixon on his new track and Dixon gets Taylor to help with Adrianna's new music video.

Friday, 2 November 2012

The Vampire Diaries: The Five Recap/Review

Happy belated Halloween from The Vampire Diaries! 'The Five' attempted to be a Halloween themed episode without actually being set in Halloween, like 'One Tree Hill' 304. This is due to The Vampire Diaries' tricky timeline, which should now be in the second half of the gang's senior year of high school. So was this episode a trick or a treat? I would defiantly say a treat, as we learned more about The Brotherhood of the Five and Elena experimented with her vampirism. The episode started with a brief flashback to when the five was created by a witch. Back in present day, we learn that Damon is going on a trip with Elena and Bonnie to a college campus so Bonnie can meet the man (Professor Shane) who now teaches Grams' classes. Did we know that Grams used to teach at a college? Stefan isn't to happy about this, when he questions Elena she says that she can't drink animal blood or blood from a bag, it has to be from the vein. Elena thinks that this is some kind of doppelganger curse, but does Katherine also suffer from this? Stefan gives Elena the okay on her trip with Damon, but he tells her to be careful because he doesn't want her getting caught up in the feed. Over at the Mystic Grill, Rebekah gives Matt the keys to a new truck, in hopes that he will forgive her. Although, he doesn't and Klaus laughs in her face. Also in this scene, Klaus tells Rebekah that The Brotherhood of the Five still exists. At the campus, Elena confesses to Bonnie that she doesn't think college will be in her future anymore. I hope that the gang do go to college next season but it would be kind of weird at the same time because I'm sure that not everyone will be attending. Bonnie, Damon and Elena sneak into Professor Shane's class but all Damon and Elena talk about is what kind of vampire she is, very rude. Klaus is also being rude, he has Connor all chained up, that is no way to treat a guest. Stefan comes to visit Klaus so he can learn more about The Five and he tells Klaus that Connor can't be compelled. In a flashback to 1114 Italy, we learn that Rebekah dated a member of The Five and that they were very dangerous. It turns out that Connor is the first member Klaus has found since then. In order for Stefan to find out more, he has to bring Rebekah to Klaus for a family dinner.

Friday, 26 October 2012

The Vampire Diaries: The Rager Recap/Review

The Vampire Diaries has been going so strong this season; it's one of my favorite shows this season and I'm always looking forward to a new episode each week. 'The Rager' brought it like the other episodes thus far. This episode begins at the hospital in Tyler's room (cause remember he got shot.) The Mystic Falls hospital must have the worst security ever because Connor gets past the security without much effort. He then pins Tyler down and gets some werewolf venom out of him. I think that Connor needs to chill and get a nicer hobby. Moving to Damon and Stefan, Damon tells Stefan that he's going to leave as Elena chose Stefan, but first Damon wants to kill Connor, fair enough. Over at Mystic Falls High, Elena has turned Matt into her own personal blood dispenser but he doesn't seem to mind (I really like Elena's outfit here.) Then Matt and Elena see a flyer that informs them of a mandatory curfew for all ages in light of the shooting; this kind of reminds me of 'Scream'. When Tyler gets out of the hospital, he finds out that Klaus has gathered a hybrid army to protect Tyler because Klaus doesn't want his hybrids dying. Back at school, Elena is feeling sad about being back in Alaric's history class without Alaric and then Rebekah enters to invite everyone to her anti-curfew party. Although it's not all fun cause Rebekah starts to brag to Elena about how she killed Alaric. Elena loses it and throws her pencil at Rebekah but Rebekah catches it and hits Elena back. Elena has gotten another pretty outfit all blood, what a drag. When Elena goes to clean up, some chick named Heather follows her into the bathroom. But Heather has blood dripping down the side of her neck, courtesy of Rebekah. What's your damage, Heather? Don't you know how Elena feels about blood? Rebekah decides that it's a good idea to rub Heather's blood over Elena's face because Connor has showed up at school. Woops. This wouldn't be the first time Elena has had to clean blood off her face while a vampire hunter waits outside.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Pretty Little Liars: This is a Dark Ride (Halloween Special) Recap/Review

I love Halloween so much and I think one of the reasons that I love Halloween is because of the special Halloween episodes of our favorite TV shows. So of course I loved Pretty Little Liars' second Halloween special. I think that it's awesome how ABC Family does a special one off episode just for Halloween. Now all we need is a special Christmastime episode. But back to Halloween, 'This is a Dark Ride' starts at the Radley Sanitarium with Mona singing 'If You Go Down in the Woods Today' while preparing her Halloween tricks for the Liars with another member of the 'A' Team. This scene is uber creepy because of Mona's song and I'm not sure if Mona is talking to Toby or if this is a third member of the 'A' Team. I love how excited Mona is about Halloween, I am Mona. On the sane side of town, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria are discussing who they're gonna be for Halloween when they stumble upon a house owned by someone named Clifford that has a (cardboard) coffin outside with the name 'Alison DiLaurentis' written on it. Emily is having none of it so she marches up to give Clifford a piece of her mind. But, Clifford pops out of the coffin and scares Emily before she gets too close. God, Clifford! Cut to the opening credits, I love how they re-used the Halloween credits from last year!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gossip Girl: Dirty Rotten Scandals Recap/Review

I don't know if I'm enjoying Gossip Girl so much because it's a fun season or if it's because I'm watching it after I watch 9O21O. Whatever it is, the fact remains that I'm loving this season and to me it seems like it gets better with every episode. 'Dirty Rotten Scandals' definitely build on last week's episode, my only problem is that I feel like everything in this season should have happened during season 3 or 4 but we're here now so let's get on with it. This episode was all about Blair's first Waldorf Designs fashion show and rightfully so, we start off at the Waldorf Designs offices with Blair prepping for the show. But Blair's show is already falling apart as she needs an 'it girl' to star, I wonder who she could ask, hmmm... While Blair is planning, Serena (hmm...) is having family breakfast with Steven and Sage. Might I just say that Serena is way too young to have a bitchy step daughter, Sage needs to chill. Due to Sage's never ending bitch parade, Steven thinks that he and Serena should take a break, already! Although, Serena tells Steven that she'll mentor Sage and they can be besties forever. Good luck with that. At the Empire, Dan has been having sleepovers with Nate because Dan has had enough of waking up to Georgina staring at him. Also, Dan's new article is just about to launch on The Spectator website. We then catch up with Ivy and Rufus who are planning to tell Dan about their relationship, apparently Jenny already knows and has given her blessing, she would. But then Dan's article hits the web and it's all about Ivy and Rufus getting down and dirty. I guess there's no need to tell Dan after all. Back at Waldorf Designs, Jean-Pierre has the inspired idea of having Serena walk in the fashion show. What? Who would ever of thought? Speaking of Miss Popular, Serena has a talk with Sage as she walks her to school when Blair calls to ask Serena to star in the show. For some reason Serena is giving Blair all kinds of attitude, I'm Team Blair because she didn't do nothing wrong. During this call Sage gets in a cab and drives off, leaving her new family A.K.A. Serena, in the dust. Then there's this really fun scene in which Blair gets really stressed out and faints cause her mother is always watching. Blair being stressed reminded me of myself, I understand how she feels.

9O21O: It's All Fun and Games Recap/Reveiw

This show. Really, I just can't with it any longer. I'm just so disinterested that it's not even funny. 'It's All Fun and Games' is probably the most dull thing I've seen in a long time. The episode starts at Silver's insemination shower that Annie, Adrianna and Naomi are throwing. The banner says it all. I didn't even realize what was going on with this banner until I uploaded the photo. This is how the 9O21O writers get creative. Anyway, Silver is having cold feet about get inseminated so Adrianna plans to have some irresponsible fun with Silver for the next 24 hours. Also, I forgot that Adrianna had a baby cause they never mention it. Then, ding-dong, Naomi's stripper arrives. What is Naomi's obsession with strippers? She is a married lady now, calm down. At the rehab center, Dixon is still trying to get back on his feet with the help of Riley. It's here that Annie finds out that Riley is supposed to be a "hero" from Afghanistan. But, this turns out to be untrue later in the episode when Riley confesses that he wasn't actually a hero and it's his fault that he's in a wheelchair. I thought I would wrap that up now cause it was a waste of time in the episode and it would be a waste for me to write the whole story here. Although Riley seems to be helping Dixon, Annie can't see this and starts being rude again. Meanwhile, Liam is starring in a new video game that Alec is helping to make. L.A. is a big place, what are the odds that Liam and Alec would be working together? Seriously, what are they? Naomi then pops by to give Alec some cupcakes and try to make him be her friend. At Dixon's apartment, Liam comes by to visit Dixon but he's also there to ask Annie about a good lawyer who can help him out of his contract with Vanessa. Then at the bar, a detective is waiting to ask Liam questions about Vanessa who is now a missing person. Liam totes lies and tells the detective that he hasn't seen no crazy stalkers in months.

Friday, 19 October 2012

The Vampire Diaries: Memorial Recap/Review

Before we start this recap, can we have a round of applause for such an intense, heartfelt, beautiful, amazing, suspenseful episode of this brilliant show named The Vampire Diaries? Seriously, 'Memorial' was such a great episode, it had everything that I could wish for from this show. The episode started with cross-cutting between Elena's first animal feed and a conversation between Damon and Stefan, in which Damon says that Elena should feed on a human before an animal. Of course Elena has already fed on that guard dude from last episode but that didn't count because that was part of her transition. However, Elena and Stefan decide to have sexy time in the woods, sorta like Caroline and Klaus/Tyler in the previous episode. But when Elena does take her first feed, she ends up throwing up the blood, which isn't good and kinda gross. I really like Elena's storyline because it feels like we're going through the whole adjustment process with her.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Gossip Girl: High Infidelity Recap/Review

This episode of Gossip Girl was so enjoyable, I seriously can't believe how much I actually enjoyed. There was something about 'High Infidelity' that made it more fun than any other Gossip Girl episode that I've seen in a while. Here's your wake up call: The episode started with Nate waking up next to Sage, Serena waking up next to Steven, Dan waking up to Georgina staring at him (which was really funny) and Blair waking up while fretting about an article that will be written about her upcoming fashion line. Meanwhile, Chuck and Amira plan to crash the family brunch with Lily and Bart so they can try to reveal Bart's big secret. In addition to Blair fretting about the article, Serena is fretting about her first grown-up party. Speaking of Blair, Dorota has been designing Blair's new fashion office while she has been away. I really like Blair's new offices, Blair has needed a place like this for seasons. We then find out that Simon and Schuster has dropped Dan and he has to figure out some other way to publish Inside: Part II. There's a really funny response from Georgina in this scene when she says "please say raw and hard again", I ship Deorgina or Gan so hard. At the brunch, Bart warns Amira about crossing him, while doing so he alludes to the fact that the had an affair. Not a wise move Bart as Lily overhears. Bart is so frustrating, Lily needs to dumb his ass again. Then back at Waldorf Designs we find out that Blair doesn't have any workers yet so she has Kati play the part of a crazed fan and Jessica pretends to be a seamstress. All seems to be going well until Nelly Yuki arrives, it seems that Nelly is the journalist that will be writing Blair's article, I love this, it's such a nice twist. Also, Nelly Yuki is looking so fierce since the last time we saw her.

9O21O: The Sea Change Recap/Review

9O21O is just ridiculous, I can't believe that I watch this show every week like what even happened in this week's episode 'The Sea Change'? I feel like they're trying to make this show be taken seriously but it just turns out like a joke. Anyway, this episode started with the newlyweds, Naomi and Max, getting ready to set off on their honeymoon to Ibiza. That is until Max's weird business partner, Alec, waltzes in with a stack of gossip magazines that all have comments from Max's ex-fiance, Madison. Apparently Madison is a cosmetic heiress (did we know this?) and she's so mad about Max leaving her at the alter that she's speaking to any tabloid that will listen. Why do the magazines even care about this or Madison? I for one think that Alec set this up but we don't have conformation on that. Cut to Liam's bar (or what's left of it), Adrianna and Navid are helping Liam clean up the wreckage that is his bar and Liam and Adrianna are helping Navid clean up the wreckage that is his life. Then Adrianna's Vegas baggage (Taylor) shows up and gives Adrianna his number and she looks kind of happy about it. Meanwhile, Annie is helping Dixon move back into the apartment. This boy suffered a major car accident and he has no scratches on him, just a neck brace. Really? Seriously? Adrianna then comes in and basically spills the beans on her Vegas hook up when Dixon asks about the new club/bar consultant and she says "we didn't talk much or do anything else," um, okay Adrianna. At the hospital, Silver is getting a check up and to thank Teddy for having a bastard child with her, she gives him (what I'm guessing is) a porno. Back at the bar, Vanessa tells Liam that she had hidden cameras installed and she saw what went down with the fire. Translation = Liam is Vanessa's bitch. Vanessa is starting to scare me and not in a fun way.

Friday, 12 October 2012

The Vampire Diaries: Growing Pains (Season Premiere) Recap/Review

The Vampire Diaries, there are simply no words to explain how amazing this episode 'Growing Pains' was. There aren't even any words to explain how amazing this show is. If you're not watching this show then what are you doing with your life? Seriously? Like, what are you doing? If you've randomly stumbled upon this post with no knowledge of this show then I demand you to close this page and go to Netflix or Amazon or wherever and watch/order the first three seasons. You'll thank me later. On with the show! Now, I don't normally comment on the 'previously on' but I wanted to say how I liked what they did with the recap this season and how they informed us of the (sometimes complicated) Vampire Diaries past. The recap actually made me think of One Tree Hill and Lucas' season 4 voice-over in the first episode and then how Lucas did the voice-over for recaps in season 5. But anyway, this has nothing to do with anything, the episode starts with Elena waking up after the car accident. This was a little confusing because didn't Elena already wake up at the end of the season 3 finale? Maybe she did and she just fell asleep again. I dunno and apparently either does Elena, Stefan has to inform her about the accident and, with the help of Damon, they tell her that she's in transition. Elena freaks out because like we know, she never wanted to be a vampire, she wanted to grow old and have children, things that she can no longer do. So Stefan starts helping her search for a solution, Damon (of course) is against this method and feels that Elena should feed ASAP.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Gossip Girl: Gone Maybe Gone (Season Premiere) Recap/Review

This is it, Gossip Girl is finally coming to end. But wipe your tears Upper East Siders, we have 10 episodes until we say farewell, forever. So let's start right now with the season premiere 'Gone Maybe Gone'. Like I said in my previous post, any good premiere gets the viewers excited for what's to come, I was excited from the very first second of Gossip Girl. The premiere starts 4 months ago, Chuck and Blair are getting down and dirty in Monte Carlo, while Dan and Georgina start to write Dan's tell-all book about the Upper East Side under the Tuscan sun, back in New York, Nate continues the hunt for Gossip Girl and Serena overdoses on the train. But lets jump forward to present day, Lily discovers that Serena is missing after a Summer of not hearing a word from her. Is Lily for real? She goes a whole Summer without talking to or seeing her daughter and then upon arriving home she discovers that Serena is missing. Mother of the Year Award goes to Lily Rhodes, van der Woodsen, Bass, Humphrey, Bass Again. While all this is going down in Lily's apartment I see that Michelle Trachtenberg's credit is now 'and Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina Sparks' because you should know who Georgina is.

9O21O: Til Death Do Us Part (Season Premiere) Recap/Review

I'm sure we all know that season premieres are designed to excite the viewers at home for the storylines that are introduced and will be running through-out the season. 9O21O failed to excite me with their season premiere 'Til Death Do Us Part'. Although, it was one crazy episode, so if you're into shows that don't make much sense and are jacked up then sit back and enjoy. The season premiere opens with Naomi and Max at the church, moments after everything that went down in the season 4 finale. Max (who was just about to get married) proposes to Naomi, cause why not? He was gonna get married anyway and he already has his tux on, just go for it. Naomi of course says "yes" because it's Naomi and that girl is the definition of bad decisions. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Liam have a little spat about how crazy she is. Turns out that home girl has some kind of movie contract that Liam signed. Not sure what this means but it doesn't look good for Liam. The Summer break did Arielle Kebbel well, she looks so pretty in this episode. Her character is a manipulative bitch with one or two loose screws but still very pretty. At Silver's apartment, Teddy and Silver are still discussing parenthood, Teddy isn't convinced that he's ready for that responsibility just yet. However, Silver is ready and waiting for him to hand over his sperm. P.S. are we just supposed to believe that Teddy and Silver's hair grew that fast?

Friday, 5 October 2012

Glee: The Break-Up Recap/Review

This week Glee took a more serious approach as the show decided to (finally) fill us in on where relationships stand. The whole episode was a massacre of relationships. The only relationship that made it out alive was Jake and Marley and they're not even officially dating. However, speaking of Jake and Marley, that's exactly where the episode starts. The pair start talking about how poor they both are while Brittany and Blaine creepily watch and lament over how their relationships used to be so simple. Things then start to get serious when we go to Kurt and Rachel's apartment, it's the morning after Finn arrived at their doorstep and it looks like Rachel gave Brody the boot. Kurt realizes that he needs to give Finn and Rachel their space so he leaves them alone and Finn calls Kurt "little brother." I think that's so cute because I remember when Finn and Kurt were really awkward around each other and now they've become really close. Anyway, we find out that Finn was discharged because he misfired his gun (named 'Rachel', oh Finn) and it hit him. This is great though cause Rachel has the perfect idea, Finn should try out for NYDA. No, Rachel, just no. Finn would never get in and Finn just doesn't belong in New York, sorry but he's a Lima Loser forever. This scene is then followed by the return of Santana! YAY SANTANA! She's only home to do laundry though. I really thought that Santana was going to move to New York with Rachel and Kurt this episode but no such luck. You really need Santana in this show cause she points out everything weird, like really how did Kurt get a job with Vogue.com so easily? Plus, did anyone else feel like Brittany was really smart this episode? You keep studying Brittany, you'll be at college by season 10 (LOL, just kidding, Glee probably won't last that long).

Friday, 28 September 2012

Glee: Makeover Recap/Review

I'll admit that I thought this season was going to continue to be a dud after last week's episode. I thought that the first episode back was a one off and this season would be filled with badly written episodes with songs that made no sense to the central plot. However, I was proved wrong with this episode of Glee - 'Makeover'. The episode started with a Blaine voice-over in which Blaine basically told us that he wanted to be more involved at McKinley and find his place now that Kurt is gone. I'm liking this storyline for Blaine because his storylines have always been related to Kurt somehow, so I'm excited to see Blaine strike out on his own. Also, I'm loving Blaine singing 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World', I love 80's music and I love the montage with this scene, it makes the scene very John Hughes. Blaine then signs up to be class president, when I was thinking about it this made sense, Blaine would make a great president.

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Glee: Britney 2.O Recap/Review

Season premieres set up expectations for the viewer. We hope that each episode will be just as good but unfortunately this was not the case for Glee's 'Britney 2.O'. The episode had it's moments, however overall I feel like it fell flat. Firstly, this episode is all about Brittany which I was happy about cause I loved Brittany in the last episode, she wasn't so fun in this episode though, maybe it was because she was depressed. Anyway, we started with a trademark Glee voice-over from Brittany but Brittany knowing about voice-overs and failing to do one is kind of like breaking the fourth wall, right? I'm not sure but Brittany starts singing 'Hold It Against Me', I thought this was such a weird song choice and it was too short. But that Doesn't matter, what matters is Happyville! Brittany failed her Math test because she answered the questions on her test by drawing a picture of Happyville where Math doesn't exist. I wanna move to Happyville, it looks fun.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Glee: The New Rachel (Season Premiere) Recap/Review

Let me start by saying that I really do like Glee but like most people it lost me a little bit last season. It really wasn't as fun to watch last season and I feel like it lost its spark. However, this episode was all I could've wished for from a season premiere (okay, maybe not all I could have wished for but we'll get to that later). So without further ado, here is a brief (I use that word lightly) recap on the Glee season 4 premiere - 'The New Rachel', with my thoughts added in.