Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Teen Wolf: Alpha Pact Recap/Review

'Alpha Pact' is the penultimate episode of 'Teen Wolf's Summer run so you know that things are about to get crazy. This episode picks up right where last week's left off as Stiles tries to wake the unconscious Derek. Afterwards, Stiles stays at the hospital to answer questions from an annoying FBI agent. He finds out that 'Argent' is written on the elevator doors, meaning that Chris will be Jennifer's next victim. Allison better hide her dad.

Stiles takes his information to Chris and Allison so they can start devising a plan, this might be the best idea though. The Argents and Issac go to the bank so they can lure Jennifer into their trap. However, we soon find out that there is no trap and Chris is giving himself up to Jennifer as a sacrifice so he can keep Allison and the gang safe.

Catching up with Derek, he has to try to save Cora but if he takes away her pain then he might end up suffering, becoming a Beta or even dying. Yikes! At school, Stiles gets a text from Allison telling him that Chris has given himself up as a sacrifice. This means that the guardian sacrifices are now complete since Jennifer has Melissa, Chris and the sheriff. As a result, Stiles spirals into a full on panic attack and Lydia is the only one who can help him. She thinks that the best thing to do is to kiss him, that way he'll take his mind off all the bad things. We have been shipping Stiles & Lydia since season 1 so we're all pretty much jumping for joy. Then they both figure that Ms. Morrell knows more than anybody thinks. In her office they find Lydia's file with a picture of a tree in it that Lydia has drawn. Stiles realizes that she has drawn this same picture over and over again, then when you turn it upside down it's a picture of the root cellar where the parents are being kept.

That really annoying FBI agent shows up again to question Stiles some more. What's his damage? Why does he keep popping up? Do we even care? Poor Lydia has to go see Peter and Derek because they might know where the root cellar is. Unfortunately they don't. What a bunch of useless werewolves! Meanwhile, Ms. Morrell is being chased in the woods by the alpha pact (now including Scott).

We find out that Ms. Morrell sent that chick to help Issac at the beginning of the season, apparently Morrell's job is to keep the balance. She also tells the alphas that they'll find Jennifer at the root cellar but they have no idea where it is either. Come on people! Time is a ticking!

Deaton has a plan on how the gang can save their parents but it's all kinds of dangerous. Allison, Scott and Stiles will all have to die in place of their parents for a couple of seconds and then they'll be brought back to life but many things can go wrong. For example, the power of their deaths might attract supernatural evil to Beacon Hills and they'll all feel a darkness because of their deaths. To represent their parents, they must all have something to hold as they die, Stiles has his dad's sheriff badge, Scott has a watch that was given to his mother and Allison has a sliver bullet that her dad made. The trio must get into an ice tub with mistletoe and be held down. Before they go under, Stiles tells Scott that his dad is in town and we realize that the FBI agent is Scott's dad. When they're under, Scott's eyes light up yellow. Elsewhere, Derek drains Cora's pain out of her body as his eyes go blue. Get ready because next week's 'Teen Wolf' is the Summer Finale and I'm sure that it's gonna be good!

Overall episode score:-
'Alpha Pact' = A-

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