Friday, 8 February 2013

Glee: Diva Recap/Review

Everyone released their inner 'Diva' on the latest episode of 'Glee'. I found that this episode wasn't bad but it just wasn't as good as last week. There were some really fun and great moments though. Kurt begins the episode by telling us that Rachel has become a total diva recently and he has to try to bring her back down to Earth. In Lima, Finn talks to Emma about how the Glee kids don't seem very passionate so she helps him out by telling him to have some kind of sing-off. Thus making the Glee assignment, 'Diva Week'. When the club hears about this, things get real crazy. This takes us into the first performance of the episode which is 'Diva'. This was probably my favorite performance of the night because I really loved the runway and the song. Back in New York, Kurt tells Rachel that she's being too much of a diva and he then challenges her to NYADA's 'Midnight Madness' sing-off. Both Rachel and Kurt got kinda scary in this scene. In the McKinley hallways, Tina gives Blaine some soup for his cold. Then in Glee club, Blaine sings 'Don't Stop Me Now', it's a good performance because I love Blaine's voice but I'm not a big fan of that song.

To show the club a good example of a diva, Finn has Santana come in and sing 'Nutbush City Limits'. This song was great, I need more Santana in my life. At NYADA, Brody explains the 'Midnight Madness' rules to Rachel and then her 'friends' start to diss Kurt. She's clearly uncomfortable with what they're saying but Kurt has to step in to defend himself. After this, Finn talks to Emma about how he hasn't had a woman since Rachel, she gives him some advice and in return he helps her with the wedding planning. I've missed Emma, she can be so quirky and cute. Then Santana meets with Sam because she's annoyed with him and Brittany dating. They fight by having a sing off, using 'Make No Mistake (She's Mine)' as the song. Brittany watches all this from the doorway. In the halls, Blaine offers to help Tina find her diva.

All the medication Blaine has been taking is making him feel super sleepy. So after school, Tina spills her guts about how she feels about him but he's asleep for most of it. I actually feel bad for poor Tina. She even puts some vapor rub on his chest to make him feel better and she cozies up beside him. At 'Midnight Madness', Kurt and Rachel must sing 'Bring Him Home', these two have some seriously amazing voices and I love Rachel's sparkly dress. Although, her dress doesn't help her to shine the brightest and it's Kurt who wins the sing-off.

Sue asks Santana to be like an assistant coach for the Cheerios or something, I dunno. It sounds like that could be a fun storyline but what about New York? Next, Tina stands up for herself and unleashes her inner diva when she tells Blaine off for being so attractive and not respecting her. Then she sings 'Hung Up', I really enjoyed this performance, well done Tina. In New York, Kurt hears that 'Funny Girl' is holding auditions so he asks Rachel to go with him but she's too depressed because of her recent failure.

The winner of the Glee club's 'Diva Week' is Tina! Yay Tina! She never wins anything so this is awesome for her. Also, Blaine apologizes to her and asks her to be his date for Will and Emma's wedding. In the New York apartment, Kurt makes Rachel feel better and they make up! Woo hoo, best friends forever! Back in Lima, Emma gets frantic because Will doesn't like the wedding centerpiece so Finn calms her down by kissing her. WHAT!? In the auditorium, Brittany asks Santana to respect her and Sam's relationship. Then she acts as the voice of reason when she tells Santana not to take the coaching job and to go to New York instead. Santana transitions from Lima to New York while singing 'Girl on Fire'. I've heard this song so much recently but I loved what 'Glee' did here. When Santana gets to New York, she moves in with Rachel and Kurt. Well that should make for some interesting future episodes. But didn't Brody want to move in too?

'Diva' performed by Unique, Tina, Blaine, Kitty, Brittany and Marley = A+
'Don't Stop Me Now' performed by Blaine = A-
'Nutbust City Limit' performed by Santana = A+
'Make No Mistake (She's Mine)' performed by Santana and Sam = A-
'Bring Him Home' performed by Rachel and Kurt = A+
'Hung Up' performed by Tina = A+
'Girl on Fire' performed by Santana = A+

Overall episode score:-
'Diva' = A-

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