Friday, 4 October 2013

The Vampire Diaries: I Know What You Did Last Summer (Season 5 Premiere) Recap/Review

Let's go to college y'all! 'The Vampire Diaries' season 5 premiere, 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', started off the college years for our fave Mystic Falls residents. But wait, what happened over Summer? Let me tell ya! Elena and Damon have been going hot and heavy, Rebekah and Matt have been going hotter and heavier as they have been having threesomes with robbers in Europe, Jeremy has been helping Bonnie stay in connect with the girls through email, Katherine is adjusting to life as a human and Stefan is still M.I.A.

The whole town thinks that Jeremy died so he blames it all on depression to be able to attend school again. Meanwhile, Elena and Caroline move into Whitmore College. Oh and by the way, they have a roommate named Megan. Hope that doesn't interfere with any of there plans. Speaking of unwanted guests, Katherine arrives at the Salvatore manor.

Sadly, Rebekah and Matt have to say goodbye to each other when they make it back to Mystic Falls. I'm actually gonna miss this couple because they seemed so cute in this episode. Anyway, Silas reveals himself to Liz but quickly compels her to forget because she has no answers for him. At the high school, a bunch of meanies pick a fight with Jeremy but he uses his hunter moves on them. However, this results in an expulsion. Back at the Salvatore's, Damon offers to turn Katherine back into a vampire and she refuses in fear that she'll just die. Also, she tells him that she thinks someone is after her so she asks Damon for help. Really? The great Katherine Pierce is asking for help!? I actually do feel bad for her. Underwater, Stefan is struggling and thinks about turning his humanity off so he won't have to suffer anymore. Ultimately he chooses to leave it on. In their dorm room, Caroline decides to take a drink of Megan's water. Unfortunately there's some vervain in it. Does Megan know about vampires?

Elena and Caroline try to attend their first college party but they can't get in because they haven't been invited. Bummer! Later, Megan calls the girls for help because someone is after her inside the house. Before they can even try to get invited in, Megan's body is thrown out a window. R.I.P. Megan. At the Mystic Grill, Silas poses as Stefan and finds out that Katherine is staying at the Salvatore house. Although, Jeremy realizes that Damon wasn't talking to Stefan and it was Silas. Luckily Jeremy and Damon get to Katherine before Silas kills her. Back at college, Megan's death is being ruled as a suicide because she left a note... or did someone plant it? Jeremy is already on the run with Katherine when Silas offers Stefan in exchange for her, meaning Damon has to call them back. Katherine isn't too happy about this and she ends up crashing the car. You gotta give it to her, Katherine is good at running away.

Matt encounters Nadia, who is from Europe and stole the Gilbert ring, in the town square. She offers the ring back to Matt and then a witch puts some sort of spell on him. Elsewhere, Elena and Caroline are still reeling from Megan's strange death. Therefore, Elena decides to go through Megan's phone which Caroline stole. On the phone Elena finds a picture of her dad with Megan! What is this about!?

The car accident has caused Jeremy to die, again. He needs to stop dying! Damon gets there to save him in time though. In her room, Caroline gets the news that Tyler won't be coming to college. She has been waiting for him and now she's heartbroken to hear this. Bigger things happen in the town square when Silas compels the whole square and then kills Bonnie's dad. In closing, Silas tells the crowd to find him Katherine. Woah! That was a lot of stuff happening! First days at college can be tough but that was a doozy!

Overall episode score:-
'I Know What You Did Last Summer' = A

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