Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Dead to Me Recap/Review

In 'Dead to Me', this week's 'Pretty Little Liars' episode, things got real crazy. Everything started to really heat up again as the reveals and lies got 'dead'-ly. The liars begin the episode at the Rear Window Brew where they talk about recent developments in their hectic lives. Then Jason comes to tell them that a memorial will be held for Alison's remains now that the police are done with them. This time Alison will be buried in a mausoleum though. He also tells the girls that the cops are looking for the things that were taken from Ali's casket because they believe that these things will lead them to the person who stole Ali's body in the first place. After this, Jason asks the lairs to attend Alison's memorial but Spencer loses it because she's just done with it all. I would wanna be finished with this mess too if I were living their lives.

At school, Mona talks to Spencer about how shes been off her "'A' game lately". The looks Spencer gives Mona in this scene are priceless. In a classroom, Caleb talks to Hanna about how his aunt is moving and he is wanted to come pick up anything he wants that he might have left at her house while he was younger. He's reluctant to go at first but Hanna convinces him. After school, Aria spends her time at Ezra's empty apartment. She's surprised when Ezra's kid brother, Wesley, shows up to stay. I kinda ship Aria and Wesley because he's age appropriate and they're totally cute together. Elsewhere, Spencer meets with her private detective (I'm just noticing that this guy also played the gang member that kidnapped Nathan in season 9 of 'One Tree Hill') who is very close to finding out where the key leads but he needs some extra money. At the police station, Emily arrives to take a picture of the photo she and Hanna found last episode before the evidence is gone. But she's too late as the photo's already been taken down. Then Pam finds a post card that Emily put in Alison's casket. However, Emily quickly grabs the postcard and finds a message from 'A' on the back. Unfortunately, the message is in French so this calls for Spencer's help.

Emily tries to read the message by herself but she only took one semester of French and I failed French so I'm no help either. Although, Spencer's a lot of help, she says the message means "stop digging, the police already know it's you who's capable of murder." Obviously 'A' is referring to that time when Emily killed Nate. Then Emily finds some of Toby's stuff in Spencer's room so she tells her that not everything is as it seems because Hanna told her that Paige was cheating. But Paige was trying to find out who bought the queen of hearts Halloween costume. Oh, makes sense now. In Aria's room, Hanna feels threatened so she wants to get rid of the Ouija Board she put in the casket but Aria isn't ready to throw away the earrings. Later, Emily meets with Dr. Sullivan because she feels guilty about taking another human being's life. I'm loving where this storyline is going right now. Dr. Sullivan recommends hypnotherapy to Emily who agrees to try it. This is followed by a great scene in which Spencer is haunted by her past relationship with Toby so she decides to pay her private detective the extra money.

Hanna goes with Caleb to his aunt's house so she can help him sort through all the old crap. One of Caleb's uncles helps them with the task too. Hanna and said uncle get into deep conversations about Caleb and his past. Back in Rosewood, Wesley gets a menacing phone call while Aria is in the apartment with him. At Emily's hypnotherapy session, she discovers a memory from the night of Alison's murder: We see that Emily is the person that killed Ali! SHOCK! Not really because they wouldn't reveal Ali's killer like this so I'm guessing that there will be a twist.

As Hanna and Caleb are about to head back to Rosewood, his uncle gives Hanna a picture of Caleb as a baby. Awwwwwww! After her session, Emily is basically having a breakdown but Pam tries to calm her down because Ems is all good and only good. Okay? Then Spencer meets with the detective and she tells him that if she opens the door to the key and finds anti-'A' plotting then she'll know that everything's okay but if she finds 'A' crap then it's war, bitches. Meanwhile, Aria and Wesley are out for some pizza when a guy threatens to beat him up so Wesley hits the dude with the empty pizza box, letting him and Aria get away. When they're alone, Wesley explains that Ezra is his idol because he got away from their mother so Wesley was trying to do the same thing by hitting on his physics teacher which led him to getting kicked out of school. The guy on the street was the teacher's husband. It was all very long and complicated, just go with it. At Hanna's house, she gives Caleb the photo his uncle gave to her. But she also haves some information to share: Hanna feels like Caleb's uncle is actually his father because of the conversations she had with him. I was truly caught off guard by this! Some time after this, Dr. Sullivan is leaving her office when Mona shows up for a surprise visit. Dr. Sullivan seems to feel scared of Mona. I would be scared too! Spencer then finally finds out what's behind the door the key leads to and the answer is... Nothing. Toby and the rest of the 'A' Team must have cleared out the room when they knew that Spencer discovered the key. This is just as bad as finding 'A' stuff plastered on the walls.

Spencer finds the Liars plus Jason at the mausoleum. At this point, Spencer has been through so much and she can't be held accountable for telling Jason that Ali made have been pregnant at the time of her murder and Officer Wilden might be the father (which, yes, she did tell him). Jason runs out in a fury while the girls are all pissed. Outside the mausoleum, Emily's memory reappears but she figures out that the memory wasn't from the night of Alison's murder but was instead from the night Ali's body was dug up. I told ya so! In the real memory, Emily saw 'A' digging up the body and a woman in a right coat with blonde hair who was in charge (A.K.A. Big 'A'). Back inside the mausoleum, Spencer finds the memorial for Toby's mother so she vandalizes it by scratching Toby's name into the marble. Then 'A' buys whiskey and must show their I.D. This means that Big 'A' or one of the 'A's is over 21. Or they have a really good fake I.D. I can feel this season coming to a head already so naturally I'm excited to see what shockers they have in store for us still!

Overall episode score:-
'Dead to Me' = A+

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