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Pretty Little Liars: Misery Loves Company Recap/Review

The latest episode of 'Pretty Little Liars', 'Misery Loves Company', is a must watch. This show is brilliant and one of my favorite things to watch right now because the writers have crafted the tension and suspense into the story so well. If you remember from last week Aria was starting to catch the flu and that continued into this week as her friends had to come over and make her feel better. A sick Aria has been drinking some herb tea that Meredith made to cure her but, according to Spencer, it doesn't seem to be working. Hanna tries to cheer Aria up by bringing her some trashy magazines and 'Saved By the Bell' on DVD, that would make me feel better! The girls then recap on the Byron/Ali situation. At the 'A' liar, Toby and Mona get ready for their next strike. Then Mona reminds us that she isn't in charge and Big 'A' is, Mona even refers to Big 'A' as a 'she'. Big 'A' seems totally, completely, crazy, like more crazy than Mona.

The next day at Toby's loft, Emily brings him some coffee but he has to leave to take a shower at Spencer's house as his plumbing isn't working. Emily decides to stay at Toby's to read so he gives her his keys to lock up afterwards. This is exactly what Emily wanted as she needed to get the keys for Spencer who is planning to surprise Toby for their anniversary. At Hanna's house, she tries to get fashion advice from Caleb as she has an interview to work with some lady named Corin. When Hanna goes to try on some clothes, she overhears Caleb talking to someone about protecting Hanna from Mona. She asks Caleb who he was talking to but he lies by saying it was just his mom. After Toby's shower at Spencer's house, she tells him that she can't come over because she has to go to some dinner being held for her dad. Spencer is just telling Toby this so she can surprise him later, even Spencer's mom, Veronica, is in on the plan. I know Toby is evil and all because he's part of The 'A' Team but then why do I still like Spoby so much? At Aria's house, she is sleeping on the couch while Meredith looks for the pages from Alison's diary. Aria wakes up but doesn't suspect anything, she just drinks more tea. I wouldn't drink that tea girl, I think there might be something more that herbs in it. Aria is feeling terrible so she tries to call her mom but she can't find her phone, it doesn't seem to be a big priority though because she just falls back to sleep. At school Emily and Paige have a picnic when Paige tells Emily that she is getting help by talking to someone that's going through the same things as her. Then Hanna arrives to talk to Emily away from Paige, she asks Emily to follow Caleb after school because she's not convinced that he was talking to his mother. In the school hallways, Meredith tells Ella that she's been checking up on Aria and she's getting much better. Which is a lie because the last time we saw Aria she was getting ready for her deathbed. Ella then says that she'll call Aria now that she's feeling better. However, we see that Meredith has Aria's phone, thus she stole the phone and Meredith is a big, fat, crazypants!

As Hanna makes her way to her job interview, she sees a figure in the reflection of the window. The figure has blonde hair and is wearing Alison's red coat. I thought it might have been Meredith but that seems unlikely to me now. When Hanna gets inside the store she finds it empty, then the lights go out and she's chased by 'A'. They knock Hanna to the ground and she gets a text that says: "Next time you'll be left faceless. - A" But Hanna finds a key on the ground that has 'A' attached to it. Meanwhile, Emily tracks Caleb to the Rear Window Brew and then she leaves once Spencer texts her about Hanna's run in with 'A'. Although, we see Paige meeting up with Caleb after Emily is gone. The twosome want to protect Emily, Hanna and their pals so they're gonna try to spy on 'A'/Mona while 'A'/Mona is spying on the girls. Also they want to try to find 'A's lair. I like that Paige and Caleb are teaming up for their women, it makes sense and it's about time. At Hanna's house, she, Spencer and Emily talk about what went down at Corin's store. Spencer finds out that Corin moved months ago so 'A' just set Hanna. Then Spencer takes the evidence with her so they can talk to Aria about it later. Speaking of Aria, she's still sick when she has a dream that Alison has come back. Alison dances around a lot of Aria's questions and then warns her about drinking Meredith's tea. I KNEW IT! Once Aria wakes up, she realizes that she's been locked in her bedroom. Probably by that rascally Meredith.

Emily and Hanna are on their travels when they see Meredith at a drug store trying to buy pills that make you super sleepy. Back with Aria, she's getting real scared so she breaks her mirror and makes it into a weapon in case Meredith returns. At Spencer's house, Toby shows up with flowers for their anniversary and then when he asks about the key, she lies and tells him that it belongs to Melissa. Cut to Aria, who wakes up to find Meredith clutching her weapon. You never fall asleep on the job, Aria! NEVER! She tries to get away and call for help but the phone lines are dead, then Meredith sneaks up on her and knocks her out. Gosh, Aria has been sleeping for a lot of this episode.

Hanna and Emily roll up outside Aria's house because they feel like something's gotta be wrong but they're left outside in a storm as no-one answers the door. Luckily, Hanna finds a spare key but when they get inside, the lights go out due to the storm. Meredith sneaks up on the girls and tells them that Aria is in the basement looking for flashlights. Also, she has Aria's phone in her hand. Emily and Hanna believe Meredith which is a bad idea because she locks them in the basement with an unconscious Aria. This episode is starting to remind me of the 'One Tree Hill' episode, 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' because of the storm and Amanda Schull playing a psychopath.

Byron returns home when Aria has finally woke up. The three girls are still afraid that Byron killed Ali so they hold weapons as he comes down into the basement. In flashback Byron tells us that he had all the intentions of doing the right thing because he wasn't gonna give Alison money for the blackmail. Instead he was going to let the truth come out. He then walks away when Melissa walks out of her house. Does this mean that Melissa is the new prime suspect? Sigh, haven't we pinned enough things on her? Byron tells them in the present that he was going to tell the police about Alison blackmailing him but as time went on, he just couldn't get up the courage to talk about his relationship with Meredith. After this, Toby dressed as 'A' breaks into Spencer's house to get the key back but she's already waiting on him.

Spencer figured out Toby was part of the 'A' Team when she found a visitor's pass for the Radley with his picture and a fake name on it while she was setting up the anniversary dinner. She gets so angry that she slaps him but before she can get answers, Veronica arrives home and Toby runs out. At Aria's, Byron tells her that he is going to tell the police about Ali's blackmail but she burns Alison's diary entry instead to show that she trusts her father again. What are you doing, Aria!? You never burn evidence! This girl! Just go back to sleep! Back with Spencer, she needs closure and seems to be in denial about the whole Toby thing so she goes to his loft, shouts for him to let her in and asks him to explain. Inside Toby's loft, Mona enjoys the anniversary dinner that Spencer made. This episode was so amazing, I hope that the rest of the season is up to this standard.

Overall episode score:-
'Misery Loves Company' = A+

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