Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Teen Wolf: Lunar Ellipse (Summer Finale) Recap/Review

Whose ready for the 'Teen Wolf' Summer Finale, 'Lunar Ellipse'? I don't actually care if you're ready or not because here we go... Scott, Allison and Stiles wake up in a really creepy white room, is this afterlife? In the room is a tree stump that takes the gang to the past (A.K.A. the 'Pilot' episode). The gang watch themselves encounter the supernatural in Beacon Hills for the first time. Somehow, they all make their way back to this tree stump that is also in the past. Confused yet?

Back in the present, they all wake up and start to search for the stump. Although, we find out that they've been dead for 16 hours! That only gives them 4 hours until the full moon. Also, the Alphas are coming for Derek so they ask Lydia for help. In order for Scott and co. to find their parents they go to Allison's but instead they find Scott's dad waiting with the cops. We don't have time for this silliness! Meanwhile, Lydia stalls Kali and the Alphas while Derek and Cora flee.

Jennifer shows up just in time to kick some Alpha butt. Apparently Jennifer is a powerful bitch and she wants us to know by killing Kali with shards of glass. Poor Lydia is caught up in all this craziness, her twin hunks werewolves try their best to save her but they ultimately die too. This gives Jennifer the opportunity to use Lydia's special banshee powers to her advantage. After Jennifer makes Lydia scream, Derek and Cora rush back to save her. I don't really know what Jennifer wants but she needs Derek to be a guardian so she can kill Deucalion and this allows the parents to live. I dunno if that's right but whatever! Back at Allison's, she pulls a smoke grenade on Scott's dad which gives them enough time to get out of there. On his way to Allison's, Stiles is driving in some kind of supernatural storm and he ends up crashing!!! Not Stiles! Take anyone but Stiles! He remains MIA while Issac, Scott and Allison meet up with Deucalion. Later, Allison and Issac find the tree stump which is right beside the cellar where the parents are. However, the cellar starts to collapse.

The storm keeps raging and traps the parents, Allison and Issac underground while Lydia and Cora find out that the twin Alphas are still alive! Yay! Elsewhere, Deucalion and Scott lure Jennifer and Derek to an epic battle.

It turns out that Jennifer's powers are pretty pathetic compared to Deucalion's strength. However, he doesn't actually kill her, he wants Scott to do it instead. We all know that Scott is our hero though so he would never do that. Scott impairs whatever vision Deucalion has left and then the eclipse happens. Zoinks!

Stiles finally wakes up from his crash and rushes to help the parents. But Scott isn't having such a good time, Jennifer has become real powerful because of the eclipse. She gives Deucalion his vision back so he can see what she looks like in her demon form. Then she tries to finish the job but healing Deucalion made her weak so Derek buys enough time until the eclipse is over. Scott ends up over powering the bitch but Deucalion kills her. Glad that's over. The Parents are fine, the hunks twins are fine, Deucalion is let go so we all live happily ever after. The next day, Allison decides to train and be a better fighter, Derek and Cora leave, the twins settle in at school with their significant others (Lydia and Danny) and things are back to normal for Scott and Stiles even though Scott's dad is still in town. Although things aren't all good and well in Beacon Hills, Jennifer got away as she was hoping the tree stump would give her power again but Peter finds her, finishes the job and declares that he's the Alpha. Looks like Peter is gonna be the big bad for the remaining episodes of season 3! Déjà vu anyone? This was a pretty awesome finale and I was really digging Scott's voiceover at the end, I wish that Scott did voiceovers in every episode. That's it for 'Teen Wolf' until January, honestly I need a break from Beacon Hills for a while, those bitches be crazy!

Overall episode score:-
'Lunar Ellipse' = A

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