Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Out of Sight, Out of Mind Quick Review

I really enjoyed this week's episode of 'Pretty Little Liars' which is named 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind'. Firstly, Spencer finally told the other liars about Toby being a part of the 'A' Team which made us all very happy. However, Emily didn't want to believe that Toby is all bad so she went in search of him. Also, Aria is pulled into Hanna and Ashley's hit and run problems. Although, she does have her own problems as she was left in charge of Malcolm and he falls off the bed. Ezra seems to understand that parenting is hard but Aria thinks that things are getting hard in her relationship recently. Maybe she should start dating Wesley? I dunno... I would like that though. Meanwhile, Spencer is led to Toby's dead body in the woods but we don't see his face so I don't believe it's actually Toby. Spencer then gets admitted into the Radley as she's found mumbling in the woods. I thought this was really weird, why would they take her to the Radley instead of the hospital. This was a great episode though and there's only three episodes left of this season so I'm really excited to see what happens.

Overall episode score:-
'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' = A+

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

9O21O: Strange Brew Quick Thoughts

  Here's quick thoughts on this week's '9O21O' episode, 'Strange Brew':
  • This Liam and Annie thing is a pathetic ploy for more viewers and is way overdue.
  • Michaela is so annoying, have I said this before? If I have then it's because she's that annoying.
  • I still don't know what Silver and Adrianna want with a truck.
  • Wow, we haven't seen Naomi's hair this curly in years.
  • What makes Naomi think that Mark wants to move in with her?
  • I was actually hoping that Mark was gonna be a one episode only storyline.
  • Why is everyone acting like Annie is some great writer? I thought she always wanted to be an actress?
  • Question: "Which '9O21O' character, of all time, is the least relevant?" Answer: Navid.
  • At least the truck now factors into Silver and Adrianna's dreams, as it's now a movie truck but it's still a bad idea.
  • Mark is now moving in with Annie, funny because Naomi is gonna explode.
  • Why does Liam keep taking his shirt off?
  • I'm getting a headache.
  • Naomi needs to stop trying so hard.
  • I wish Liam had real ambitions.
  • Is Liam allowed to brew beer? He's still underage...
  • Mark doesn't know who Hanson is? He has led a very awful life.
  • I feel like Naomi should have consulted Mark when she invited one hundred people to the restaurant opening.
  • Speaking of, how did this restaurant open so fast?
  • Where did Vanessa go? She was the only good character.
  • Campbell sucks.
  • Silver shouldn't be angry if Michaela wants to sing. She should sing without the touring.
  • Naomi has an allergy and we've never heard of it? This show is ridiculous.
  • It's really weird how Silver still lives in Kelly's garage but we don't ever see Kelly. It's weird and annoying.
  • Annie should just come clean instead of dragging the Lannie even more.
It's sad but I'm counting down the episodes until this season is over. It's just so boring and stupid and I want it to be done.

Overall episode score:-
'Strange Brew' = D- 

The Carrie Diaries: Caught Recap/Review

'Caught' is the title of this week's episode of 'The Carrie Diaries' as most of the characters were caught in some kind of sticky situation. Also, this episode was perfection, the only downside is that there was no Walt this week. However, there is a lot of Carrie and George getting hot and heavy at her internship while the girls discuss their love lives at the diner. We learn that a dance is coming up and Carrie isn't sure if she should ask George or not. Additionally, she feels like there might be something else there with Sebastian. Donna squashes that theory though when she thanks Carrie for taking Sebastian in for Thanksgiving. If Sebastian really did like Carrie then he wouldn't have told Donna about Thanksgiving but he did so she asks George to the dance. Later at the Bradshaw house, tickets arrive for The Nutcracker which is something that Dorrit and her mom used to do together but Carrie thinks it would be better for Tom to take Dorrit this year. The next day in New York, Larissa shows Carrie her purse in 'Interview Magazine' and she then offers Carrie an internship. Obviously Carrie is on the fence because she already has an internship at the law firm but I think she should totally take the Interview job!

Friday, 22 February 2013

The Vampire Diaries: Stand By Me Recap/Review

'Stand By Me' is the saddest episode of 'The Vampire Diaries' that I've ever seen. You have to agree that in the total of it's four seasons, no episode has been as heartbreaking as this one. On the island, Elena finds Jeremy's body but sees the ring on his finger so she believes this will bring him back to life. Although, Stefan tells Damon that Jeremy was a supernatural being as he was one of the five so the ring won't bring him back to life. I remember thinking that you can tell this episode is gonna be sad from this point onwards.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Hot Water Recap/Review

The liars (plus their moms) were all put in 'Hot Water' on this week's episode of 'Pretty Little Liars'. Just when I thought that it couldn't get any crazier after last week, it gets crazier. The same night of the elevator accident, the girls all go to the Rear Window Brew to calm their nerves with some coffee. They consider who Big 'A' could be but Spencer is still a little out of it. Perhaps it's Cece, but that doesn't seem likely to the liars. Then Officer Wilden breaks up the party and Hanna spills the (coffee) beans about them knowing he was on a boat with Cece and Alison. Wilden doesn't really scare me because he's kinda pathetic.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

9O21O: Brother From Another Mother Quick Thoughts

 Here's quick thoughts on this week's '9O21O' episode, 'Brother From Another Mother'.
  • Adrianna is upset about having to go to court, what does she expect after she took her clothes off in public.
  • Oh! Navid and Michaela slept together!? I can see where this storyline is going...
  • Annie is so snarky.
  • Is this half-brother storyline a joke? It's too little, too late!
  • What is Naomi's problem?
  • I feel like they're trying too hard to push old season storylines, it should feel natural.
  • Wow, Ashley is still crazy. Why haven't they got her help.
  • Liam's a little crazy himself.
  • I really hate Michaela already.
  • Why are they bringing up Dixon's drug storyline again? It wasn't even good the first time.
  • Why is Naomi interfering with this guy's life?
  • I'm so bored by this show.
  • Michaela is seriously irresponsible.
  • Naomi is too much.
  • I hate all the characters in this show.
  • Liam is really annoying me for some reason.
  • It's also annoying how Silver's storyline all season has been about having a baby and she hasn't had a freaking baby yet!
  • What the hell is Silver and Adrianna gonna do with a truck?
  • Why does it look like Naomi is attracted to her half brother?
  • So now Michaela can sing? UGH!
  • What the heck was that ending?
 I don't really have much more to say but that's okay because '9O21O' will be canceled soon anyways.

Overall episode score:-
'Brother From Another Mother' = D-

The Carrie Diaries: Endgame Recap/Review

It was Thanksgiving, 80's style, on this week's episode of 'The Carrie Diaries'. In 'Endgame' Carrie tried her hardest to have the perfect family Thanksgiving in order to honor her mother's memory. Plus, things with George are just heating up so Carrie is juggling a lot. We learn that everyone has very special Thanksgiving plans; Sebastian will be spending the day with his mother, The Mouse will be eating at the country club, Maggie is going to Walt's house and Carrie will be helping her grandmother to cook. However, Carrie's grandparents get stuck in Florida so it's up to Carrie to save the day. Things would be going great if Dorrit wasn't trying to spoil everything like how she ruined their mother's recipes. In addition, Carrie finds out that her father has asked Harlen and George to dinner which just adds to the pressure.

Friday, 15 February 2013

The Vampire Diaries: Down the Rabbit Hole Recap/Review

Remember how I was bashing this season of 'The Vampire Diaries' last week? Disregard everything I said. Okay, not everything because I still feel like the cure storyline was drawn out too much. However, this week's episode, 'Down the Rabbit Hole', was a big payoff. This episode gets going with Damon tied up to a tree in vervain soaked ropes by that hunter dude, named Vaughn. Damon learns that Vaughn has been watching the Mystic Falls gang for a while. On the beach, Elena fills Caroline in on everything that has happened and then she asks Caroline to get the hunter's sword from Klaus so they can translate the map to find the cure. They're guessing that Shane has taken Bonnie and Jeremy to the cure so Elena and co. will use the pictures of Jeremy's tattoo to find them. Shane arrives at the well so he gives the witch the tombstone as payment for helping him. Apparently this tombstone is wanted in the witch community and has nothing to do with the cure. At Elena's house, Caroline and Tyler have found the sword so they go to Klaus for help translating because it's written in a dead language. However, Klaus doesn't want to help them. Back on the island, Elena apologizes to Stefan for getting everyone into trouble again. I'm glad that she recognizes how annoying she can be. In the woods, Vaughn explains that he wants to awaken Silas so he can use the cure to kill the immortal vamp. At the Gilbert's, Klaus helps translate because he realizes what it means: There is only one dose of the cure. This means that only one vampire can take it.

Glee: I Do Recap/Review

This week, 'Glee' showcased a Valentine's Day episode named 'I Do' which centered on Will and Emma's wedding. This episode had a lot going on but it was fun with a lot of dramatic developments thrown in. At The Lima Bean, Rachel and Finn start this week when he calls a meeting with her to discuss his kiss with Emma. Rachel tells him that he's just confused and lonely so it doesn't really mean anything. Later, Finn goes to see Emma at school who is freaking out about her upcoming wedding. Apparently the kiss made her spin out of control which makes her OCD worse, Crazy Emma is crazy. She tells him to stay away and to keep quiet so that's what Finn does. At Glee club, Will has returned and celebrates by telling the gang this week's assignment is 'wedding' themed. I didn't miss Will at all, can he leave again? After the Glee meeting, Marley gives Jake cufflinks as a Valentine's Day present. Jake on the other hand, hasn't really gotten her anything special so Ryder helps him out. Then Finn calls another meeting with Rachel because Will wants him to sing at the wedding so Finn asks Rachel to do a duet with him. In class, Ryder helps Jake out with a performance. Jake sings 'You're All I Need to Get By' to Marley, this couple is so cute!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pretty Little Liars: What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted Recap/Review

I really liked 'What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted' which was this week's episode of 'Pretty Little Liars'. I mostly liked this episode because 'A' has finally gotten deadly again. At school, Hanna, Emily and Aria discuss Spencer and how she's been M.I.A. lately. They then see Spencer having an argument with Andrew who is kicking her out of the nerd team. She doesn't take this very well as she feels like Mona is somehow behind it. Emily catches up with Spencer to talk about what just went down but Spence doesn't want to talk so she makes a bee-line for the door. She goes to put on her sunglasses but she then sees a message from 'A' written inside the lenses, it reads: "You rat out T, I take down 1 of your 3. -A"

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

9O21O: #realness Quick Thoughts

Here's some quick thoughts on this week's episode of '9O21O' named '#realness'.

  • Why was the episode named '#realness'? Was this hastag used in the episode?
  • Annie's book sounds soooooo bad!
  • Plus she got over Riley's death real fast.
  • What is even going on with Naomi and Max in this episode? Are they divorcing or not?
  • Why did Navid pretend he hadn't met Shane's sister? (Did they sleep together?)
  • Silver needs to stop with the baby drama, I'm over it!
  • Adrianna is an idiot.
  • I found Adrianna's bad singing mildly amusing.
  • Liam needs to get over his issues already because I really don't care. What was all that stuff with the acting about?
Clearly I wasn't paying very much attention to this episode, or it was just really effing confusing. I'm gonna go with the latter.

Overall episode score:-
'#realness' = D+

The Carrie Diaries: Dangerous Territory Recap/Review

Carrie entered 'Dangerous Territory', known as the Upper East Side, in this week's episode of 'The Carrie Diaries'. Our favorite future columnist took a trip to 'Gossip Girl' town but she wasn't staying for long. Carrie makes her way into this world when a privileged boy (named George) asks her to his mother's upcoming party. This boy happens to be Harlen's (the owner of the law firm/Tom's friend) son. While at the diner, Maggie and The Mouse try to convince Carrie that this party could be the best thing for her to get over Sebastian or to get him back. But Carrie isn't about to play games. That is until Carrie sees Sebastian and Donna making out while she's trying to take her driving test. She gets so distracted that she ends up failing the test. Although, the day isn't a total wash because she then accepts George's invitation because if Sebastian can move on then so can she.

Friday, 8 February 2013

The Vampire Diaries: Into the Wild Recap/Review

This week 'The Vampire Diaries' went 'Into the Wild' as the gang was searching for the cure on some mysterious island. We pretty much start the episode on this island with no explanation as to how the gang got there. Slightly before this though, we see a flashback to one year ago when Professor Shane was running all around the island and then he found a well. In the present, they're not on the island for long but Rebekah and Elena are already fighting. I'm glad that Rebekah was included on the trip though. While that happens, Bonnie takes pictures of Jeremy's body... I mean tattoo. I bet Bonnie loves taking those pictures. Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler is on Klaus watch because Klaus is still trapped in Elena's living room. On the island, Rebekah says that Elena is the only person here who doesn't have a point. I love Rebekah's comedy. Later, everyone is out walking when Shane tells us a story: He offered his blood to the well and that allowed him to see his dead wife. We then see that there are more people on this island when somebody tries to shoot Jeremy with an arrow. This person is then killed with a hatchet.

Glee: Diva Recap/Review

Everyone released their inner 'Diva' on the latest episode of 'Glee'. I found that this episode wasn't bad but it just wasn't as good as last week. There were some really fun and great moments though. Kurt begins the episode by telling us that Rachel has become a total diva recently and he has to try to bring her back down to Earth. In Lima, Finn talks to Emma about how the Glee kids don't seem very passionate so she helps him out by telling him to have some kind of sing-off. Thus making the Glee assignment, 'Diva Week'. When the club hears about this, things get real crazy. This takes us into the first performance of the episode which is 'Diva'. This was probably my favorite performance of the night because I really loved the runway and the song. Back in New York, Kurt tells Rachel that she's being too much of a diva and he then challenges her to NYADA's 'Midnight Madness' sing-off. Both Rachel and Kurt got kinda scary in this scene. In the McKinley hallways, Tina gives Blaine some soup for his cold. Then in Glee club, Blaine sings 'Don't Stop Me Now', it's a good performance because I love Blaine's voice but I'm not a big fan of that song.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Dead to Me Recap/Review

In 'Dead to Me', this week's 'Pretty Little Liars' episode, things got real crazy. Everything started to really heat up again as the reveals and lies got 'dead'-ly. The liars begin the episode at the Rear Window Brew where they talk about recent developments in their hectic lives. Then Jason comes to tell them that a memorial will be held for Alison's remains now that the police are done with them. This time Alison will be buried in a mausoleum though. He also tells the girls that the cops are looking for the things that were taken from Ali's casket because they believe that these things will lead them to the person who stole Ali's body in the first place. After this, Jason asks the lairs to attend Alison's memorial but Spencer loses it because she's just done with it all. I would wanna be finished with this mess too if I were living their lives.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

9O21O: Here Comes Honey Bye Bye Recap/Review

If I had to pick one word to best describe the latest episode of '9O21O', named 'Here Comes Honey Bye Bye', then that word would be 'horrendous'. Actually, I feel like 'horrendous' is a word that best describes the show as a whole. The episode is set into motion with Naomi and Max at a couples therapy session. If you ask me then everyone on this show needs therapy. The therapist tells them that they need to figure out what it is that makes them happy because Naomi has abandoned her professional life for Max. This is so true, Naomi's professional struggles was a big storyline last season and this season there has been no mention of Naomi's work. Elsewhere, Silver begs Teddy for his forgiveness before he tells her that he's trying to get the embryos destroyed. Their relationship has fallen so far, it was something that was great about this show and now it's hard to watch. At Dixon's recording studio, he has Adrianna sing some advertising jingles because the recording studio needs to make the money back. Megan then shows up (I thought she left? I'm so confused) to tell Dixon that she can't afford school anymore so she might have to move away. Meanwhile, Annie is recovering at Liam's house. She got out of hospital fast. Dixon comes for a visit and they end up talking about Riley. Somehow Dixon knew that Riley left for surgery so he tells Annie who then feels like she's in love with Riley. Side note: Anyone else notice how Debbie only showed up when Dixon was in the hospital? I wonder if Harry even knows that his children have a death wish? Why does no-one care about Annie getting shot!? Anyway, Liam has been taking out his anger at some kind of fight-club-type-place where he knocks out some guy and then gets in trouble for it.

The Carrie Diaries: Fright Night (Halloween Episode) Recap/Review

It was appropriate that this week's episode of 'The Carrie Diaries' was named 'Fright Night' because I found it just frightening. Also, this was a Halloween episode, which is great as I love Halloween! Carrie and Walt plan to spend this holiday at a party being held by Larissa while Sebastian rents out the diner and holds a Halloween party in Castlebury. It's a good thing that Carrie is going to New York because Sebastian didn't invite her to his party anyway. Her and Walt dress up as Princess Diana and Prince Charles on their wedding day for the big night out. I love their costumes! At Larissa's party, Carrie meets a guy named Bennett that works at Interview Magazine, he is dressed as Alex from 'A Clockwork Orange'. Larissa on the other hand, is dressed as a bird. To get the party started, Larissa hands the teens some Ecstasy.

Friday, 1 February 2013

The Vampire Diaries: A View to a Kill Recap/Review

The latest episode of 'The Vampire Diaries', 'A View to a Kill', didn't improve much quality wise. I feel a little disappointed with 'The Vampire Diaries' lately because the season started off so well and I haven't liked the past couple of episodes too much. Although, maybe I'm just being too critical. This week, Stefan begins the episode when he wakes up next to Rebekah. He tries to sneak out but Klaus stops him at the door. Klaus is here to talk to Rebekah about Kol. He wants Rebekah to give him the dagger and white ash so he can stop Kol from ruining his plans concerning the cure. But, Rebekah doesn't agree to giving the dagger to Klaus because that leaves her unprotected. So Klaus asks Stefan to help instead. At the Mystic Falls High School, Bonnie is helping set up for the decade dance, the decade this year is the 80's. I've been waiting for this show to do this decade for so long now. On the phone, Elena tells Bonnie that she wants Jeremy to kill Kol and this will be beneficial because if he kills Kol then it will kill all of Kol's bloodline. Meaning that Jeremy's mark will be finished if he just kills Kol already. After Elena explains all this, she realizes that someone has put vervain in the town's water supply when she tries to wash some dishes. Bonnie finds out that it was he newly elected daddy that has been pumping the vervain. Also, he has put a curfew on the whole town so there will be no decade dance. As Bonnie hangs up on her annoying father, Kol pops out of nowhere and tries to kill her. But she uses her expression and gets away. In the Salvatore cellar, Klaus shows up to babysit a locked up Damon while Stefan searches for Rebekah's dagger. Elena then calls Stefan about Kol trying to kill Bonnie so she lets it slip that she wants Jeremy to kill Kol. The new plan is for Stefan to find Rebekah's dagger then give it to Matt so he can dagger Rebekah with it so she won't try to kill them when Kol is dead. I don't really know if that's right because it was really long and complicated and just too much double crossing. To lure Kol into her trap, Elena calls him and says that she wants a truce.

Glee: Naked Recap/Review

Things got a little bit heated and everyone got a little bit 'Naked' on this week's 'Glee'. We learn through a news reel that The Warblers have been disqualified from regionals.Which means that our favorite underdogs are back on track to success. However, the Glee club budget is low so they need to do some fund raising. Tina comes up with the idea of having a Glee boys calendar, she's so smart. After school, Marley guests stars on Brittany's web series, 'Fondue For Two'. I love Brittany's web show, so funny! In a hilarious webisode, Brittany tells Marley that she needs to inform Jake of her feelings for him. At school the next day, Brittany finds out that she did amazing in her SATs. Whereas, Sam did the worst. This information makes Sam feel like he's not good at anything. In New York, Rachel is cast in a student film at NYADA but she has to do a nude scene in said film. This makes Rachel question who she is. Calling for a visit from High School Rachel who tells College Rachel that she's changed so much. I love that Rachel had this conversation with herself because it was fun to see the contrast in High School Rachel and College Rachel. After this, the two Rachels sing 'Torn', which was really awesome. It was a little weird to see the two Rachels like this but it was weird in a good way. Once Rachel is done singing, Electra (the director of the student film) asks her if she wants to be in the film and Rachel says yes.