Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Gossip Girl Season 6 Report Card

Gossip Girl: New York, I Love You XOXO (Series Finale) Recap/Review

Hey Upper East Siders, welcome to the last ever 'Gossip Girl' post I'll make. This is because 'Gossip Girl' aired it's series finale this week, 'New York, I Love You XOXO'. I have so many mixed emotions about this episode and I'll try to detail them as I go along but this was seriously the best 'Gossip Girl' episode since season 2. Also, I might have learned Gossip Girl's identity before I actually watched the episode but it was an accident. We begin the final episode right where last week's left off, with Bart Bass' dead body hitting the ground. Georgina is still at the Man of the Year event when she spots security saying that they have a situation, Georgina knows what's going down. Blair and Chuck are trying to escape from the scene of the crime and they do so with the help of Georgina. They call Georgina and have her talk to Chuck's driver while they hide in the trunk of the car. Meanwhile, Serena is trying to flee from New York when she finds Dan's chapter in her luggage, which is the chapter that paints her in a good light. Sage, Nate and Lily all find out about Bart's death on the news while Ivy calls to tell William at the crime scene. Blair and Chuck thankfully get away but the cops stop at The Empire and Blair's apartment to question Nate, Dorota, Eleanor and Cyrus but they all stay quiet. The morning after, we learn that Chuck and Blair are hiding outside of the city in a hotel but Jack Bass figures this out and stops by to question the fugitives. Back in the city, Serena returns to talk to Dan about his positive chapter (might I just say... Trust no bitch, Serena). Whereas, Jack reveals that he had a tracking device on Chuck's limo and that's how he found the couple. When Jack finds out what happened on the roof, he's all in to save Blair and Chuck. He says that they should get married so then they'll have spousal privilege. Blair agrees to this plan but if they weren't forced to then would they ever have gotten married?

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Glee: Glee, Actually (Holiday Episode) Recap/Review

'Glee' joins '9O21O' and 'The Vampire Diaries' by having a festive episode this week. Sue begins the episode by telling us that this week will be a little different as it will feature five different stories that will link together at the end, hence the title of the episode 'Glee, Actually'. Artie is having a rough time as he believes that life would be much better if he were never in his wheelchair. So in a 'It's a Wonderful Life' type storyline, he learns that everyone is better off with him in his chair. Artie dreams all of this in black and white, yep another Christmas episode in black and white, here we go. In his dream, Rory (remember Rory from last season?) is his guide, I'm not gonna lie I was really happy to see Rory again. One of the most funniest parts of Artie's dream was that Rachel is a librarian at the McKinley high school. One of the worst parts was that Finn, Puck and Ryder were all jerks. Also, Mr. Schuester was depressed, drunk and still married to Terri. It turns out that Artie was the glue of Glee or something so there was no Glee without him. I'm pretty sure that Glee would've happened without Artie but whatever. To fix things, Artie calls everyone to the choir room and sings 'Feliz Navidad', I didn't really like this song choice. It doesn't matter though as Artie's performance fixed nothing. After this, Artie finds a wheelchair in the hallway. Rory tells Artie that it's Quinn's wheelchair as she still got in the car accident and died because without the Glee club's support she never made a recovery. Did they really have to bring the worst Glee storyline ever back up again? Ugh. Anyway, Artie sits on the wheelchair and his dream is over, he appreciates his wheelchair and the help of others more now.

The Vampire Diaries: O Come, All Ye Faithful (Holiday Episode) Recap/Review

It was a Christmas themed episode of 'The Vampire Diaries' this week named 'O Come, All Ye Faithful'. I love holiday episodes and this is the first Christmas related episode that 'The Vampire Diaries' has ever done. The episode starts the morning after last episode ended, in Damon's room he and Elena talk about their relationship and the sire bond, I could warm up to a Damon/Elena relationship cause they're kinda cute together. They don't decide on breaking the bond or not as Elena gets a text from Bonnie who is at the Gilbert's lake house teaching Jeremy to not kill Elena. At Klaus', he's painting a donation to the Winter Wonderland charity event when Stefan comes over, I forgot that Klaus was an artist. Stefan tells Klaus that they need to find the cure soon so Klaus shows him the sword that he found in Italy and he also says that the sword is the key to reading the map. Meanwhile, Klaus' sired hybrids are getting real tired of him which is okay because Tyler's plan is being set into motion as Haley claims that she has found a witch to help them. Haley seems to have gotten kind of psychotic recently. The Winter Wonderland event is so beautiful and it's here that Tyler tells Caroline about Haley finding a witch to perform the body jump spell. Tyler's plan is to be buried under cement and then have the witch put Klaus in his body, Tyler would have to be buried for months so the hybrids could get away safety. Caroline hates Tyler's plan but she comes around when she sees how passionate he is about freeing the hybrids. At the Gilbert lake house, Jeremy invites Elena in and then tries to attack her but she's too quick for him. Professor Shane is also at the lake house to help with Jeremy's killer instincts. Then Caroline calls Stefan to tell him about Tyler's plan but if they plan to keep Klaus buried for several months then Stefan needs the sword. This means that Stefan must go to Klaus' house and find the sword before Tyler's plan takes action.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gossip Girl: The Revengers Recap/Review

It was the penultimate episode of 'Gossip Girl' this week with 'The Revengers'. A lot went down in this episode so lets get to it... Blair starts the episode by having one of signature Audrey Hepburn dreams (I'm guessing that it was a Audrey Hepburn movie, I've never seen it before). Is this the last Blair dream sequence that we'll be treated to? Once Blair awakens from her nightmare, she begins to put her plan to take down Bart Bass once and for all into motion. While Blair begins scheming, Dan is searching for a new apartment with the help of Georgina. I love Georgina too much, it's unhealthy at this point. Dan decides that he wants the apartment but the realtor tells him that he'll need a good reference to get in. As we know, Lily left last episode because she's afraid of Bart but she's still helping Chuck. Although they learn that they don't have enough information to convict Bart so Blair thinks they can bluff a confession out of him. In order to do this they must use Ivy so they can keep Lily safe. Serena (who is planning to move to L.A. but keeps it a secret) helps them get in contact with Ivy as she thinks that Ivy is staying at CeCe's Hamptons house. Ivy agrees to help because she's desperate. However, Nate is feeding Bart the plan as he has to keep The Spectator afloat with the help of Bart's money so he has no other choice. Blair, Chuck, Serena and Ivy all meet at The Oak Room (the location for one of the most notable scenes of the season 2 finale). The plan is to use Ivy and copies of the micro-film as bait but Ivy didn't really make copies, Bart doesn't know this though. We then find out that Nate is also in on the plan and he just gave Bart the information that Ivy is back in New York which is exactly what the gang wanted to happen. Although, things take a detour when Bart becomes wise to what the gang is trying to do so he has Nate arrested which he has been threatening to do for episodes now. Nate's arrest kind of reminded me of Serena's season 2 arrest.

9O21O: The Things We Do for Love (Holiday Episode) Recap/Review

Merry Christmas! That's right, the '9O21O' gang were celebrating the most wonderful time of year with 'The Things We Do for Love' this week. Unfortunately, things were less than wonderful. We start with Noami, Annie and Silver shopping for some Christmas presents. Naomi feels bad about Max being fired so she has to get him the best Christmas present ever, which turns out to be a car. Whereas Annie is worried about what to get Riley because she might be leaving for a writing program in Scotland. I have problems with this because Annie's blog is very badly written and it seems like she just woke up and decided to be a writer. That's not how it works, you gotta have a passion for it but there's no telling Annie. Lastly, Silver is getting ready to be a mother, all she needs is for Teddy to sign a release paper that states he won't claim rights as father or anything like that. At the rehab center, Dixon is complaining about having to buy people presents. Is he for real? Buying/giving is the best part! Where is his holiday spirit? Riley is then asked about taking part in an experimental surgery but he declines. At The Offshore, Navid and Adrianna are putting up decorations while they talk about Silver and Dixon. Don't Adrianna and Navid find it awkward talking about this with each other saying as they used to date? Over at Liam's new house, he gets a hamper from the film studio which has a document in it asking him to bring $500,000 to Baker State Park. When Naomi arrives home from Christmas shopping she discovers Alec and Max having a meeting.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Glee: Swan Song Recap/Review

Things were crazy last week on 'Glee' and this week's episode 'Swan Song' picks up moments after Marley fainted on stage. Everyone is trying to help Marley by getting her food or some juice, even Kitty seems to feel a little bad. Santana totally calls Kitty out when she says that Kitty is "a crazy evil bitch." Santana knows what she's talking about. The club needs to get Marley back on her feet because a club isn't allowed to leave the stage or they will be disqualified from Sectionals. But it's too late as Sue points out and we're told that The Warblers have won. In New York, Kurt tells Rachel everything that happened at Sectionals and they then talk about NYADA. It seems that Carmen Tibideaux hands out golden tickets to NYADA's winter showcase and it's a great honor to get one. So imagine just how happy Rachel was when she received a golden ticket. Back at McKinley, the choir room is being torn apart (literary) by Sue who is turning into her new rehearsal space. Saying as the Glee club has lost Sectionals, this means that they have also lost their rehearsal space and they have to find another place to practice. Principal Figgins confirms this and Finn has to hand over the keys to the choir room. Sue then admits that she feels bad about the Glee club. I blame Kitty for everything! However, the Glee club is blaming Marley, especially when Finn tells them that there will be no Glee club until next year as that's when they'll get the choir room back. It is not Marley's fault! Where's Santana? She knows the truth!

The Vampire Diaries: We'll Always Have Bourbon Street Recap/Review

I don't know how many more ways I can say that 'The Vampire Diaries' is amazing. It's just a show that is always improving on prior storylines and giving the audience new information. So let's just get down to it... it's the morning after Elena and Damon slept with each other. Caroline and Stefan are still freaking out about Elena being sired to Damon. Whereas, Damon and Elena are having sex again. Elena is actually really playful and cute in this scene, it's fun to see her like this because she's normally so moody. Anyway, Haley and Tyler are still trying to break Klaus' sire bond on a hybrid named Adrian and Kim (who Haley helped break the bond last week) is also helping. Kim sees the pain that Adrian's in so she sets him free but Haley gets real upset about this because she needs to break the bonds for Shane. Haley scares me ever since we found out that she's cohorts with Professor Shane. Back to Elena and Damon, she's getting ready to go to school while they try to think up a way of telling Stefan that they're together now. Although, when Elena opens the door to leave, Stefan is standing there and he sees them laughing so this basically says it all (awkward). Elena leaves anyway and Stefan talks to Damon about Elena being sired. Damon doesn't believe it at first but then Stefan tells him to ask Elena to drink out of a blood bag, if she keeps the blood down then she's obviously sired. At Mystic Falls High, Elena invites Bonnie and Caroline over to stay at the Salvatore's so they can have a slumber party. Elena then sees Damon in the halls and follows him into an empty classroom where he asks her to drink from the blood bag. She actually keeps it down meaning Elena is so sired! We then find out that Haley is breaking the sire bonds for Shane because he has information on where her parents are but she can only get this information when she can hand over twelve hybrids, Haley currently has eleven. I can't believe that this is all so Haley can find out where her parents are, isn't that what private detectives are for? Call Veronica Mars or something. Back at the Salvatore's, Damon reveals to Stefan that there was another girl sired to him in the 1940's, New Orleans and her name was Charlotte. Damon found a witch named Valerie to help break the sire bond on Charlotte so they gotta take a road trip to New Orleans.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Gossip Girl: It's Really Complicated Recap/Review

'Gossip Girl' was a little late with its Thanksgiving installment this week titled 'It's Really Complicated'. But this was a very exciting episode and it seems like things are finally starting to heat up on the Upper East Side. Although at the start of the episode Blair is planning to leave the UES to spend Thanksgiving in Paris with her mother. It seems like Blair flees when things get hard in her life. Meanwhile, Serena and Dan are planning their own Thanksgiving this year which Lily won't be able to attend as her and Bart are going on a romantic getaway. This isn't bad news though because Serena and Dan can now invite Chuck, Nate and Rufus saying as the dastardly duo won't be around. But Chuck has been living in his bed since his plans to ruin his father fell through. Blair is all set for Paris when Serena comes to invite her to Thanksgiving. At first Blair opposes the idea of spending a holiday with Humphrey but she turns this occasion into a scheme and I love a good Blair Waldorf scheme. Her plan is to break up Dan and Serena with the help of Sage and Steven. Blair tells Sage that Nate will take her back if she undoes the mess that is Serena and Steven's relationship. In the park, Georgina (who looks glorious) tries to pressure Dan into giving her the Serena chapter. But Dan tells Georgina that she isn't his editor to which she says; "I am your everything." You're my everything Georgina, I love you. Anyway, Georgina fears that Dan's Serena chapter might be a love letter so she stops at nothing to get it. While Dan is leaving he gets a call from Serena who runs into Steven and Sage at the grocery store. We then learn that Bruce, that guy from a couple of episodes back, is dead. This is suspicious as he was one of the people to know about Bart's dirty dealings and he died when he fell off a Bass boat and drowned. Chuck is unmotivated when Nate tells him all this because he feels like there will be no way to take Bart down without there being a loophole. Outside The Empire, Blair tries to get in but the doorman tells her that she's not welcome according to Chuck. That's kinda harsh Chuck.

9O21O: 9O2-100 (100th Episode)

So this week's '9O21O' was a big milestone for any TV series, it was the 100th episode, titled '9O2-100'. To tell the truth I actually expected much more from this episode as it is the 100th, I mean that's the time to pull out all the stops. To reinforce my point let's look at some other 100th episodes from teen dramas... One Tree Hill: A wedding, a runaway bride, a kidnapping, a psychotic nanny, returns from many fan favorites, a couple reunited. Gossip Girl: A royal wedding, the return of a psychotic schemer (I call her Georgina), a runaway bride, a confused bride, a runaway bride again and a big reveal. Unfortunately 'One Tree Hill' and 'Gossip Girl' are the only two teen dramas to actually celebrate the milestone or last as long as 100 episodes so they're the only examples I have right now. However, if I were to make a list of '9O21O's 100th episode achievements or shockers, it really wouldn't go that far because none of it was really shocking or made me care. Well that's my rant for this week over, let's get on with it... We kick off with Liam having nightmares about Vanessa's dead body underwater. This would be good and all if it wasn't just like Nathan's nightmares of a dead Haley underwater in 'One Tree Hill's season 3 finale. Anyway, Liam wakes up because Navid has come to apologize for the whole sex tape debacle but Liam isn't hearing it. We then find out that Dixon is officially the head of his own record label (that was fast) and Adrianna is the first act that he will be signing. At the burlesque club, Silver shows up to give her burlesque stuff back as she's quitting to have her baby. Meanwhile, Naomi is having a meeting with some West Bev High alumni club for women. This reminded me of Blair in season 4 of 'Gossip Girl' when she wanted to be accepted by some secret New York society clubs. However, Naomi has to compete with one other girl (named Felicity) to get a spot in the club and she must prove herself at the West Bev Homecoming Alumni event.