Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno Recap/Review

Every now and then 'Pretty Little Liars' has to have more quiet episode to let things simmer before they boil over again. That's exactly what this week's episode, 'Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno' was set up to do. We begin with Spencer who is still reeling from discovering that Toby is part of the 'A' Team. The episode actually starts with a dream Spencer is having in which she gets very close with Toby but then he becomes the dark figure we know as 'A'. It's a pretty creepy opening. Then, Spencer wakes up to be reminded that she's living the nightmare and that she has a key belonging to 'A'.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

9O21O: We're Not Not In Kansas Anymore Recap/Review

Get ready for a nightmarish experience on '9O21O' because that's what this week's 'We're Not Not In Kansas Anymore' episode was about. If you remember from last episode, Annie got shot so she has been rushed to the hospital where her friends meet to worry about her. Naomi thinks that she should tell Max about their friend's accident so she calls him up to find out that he hasn't been in Iceland. Then Dixon hears Adrianna say that she told Ashley that Vanessa was back in Beverly Hills. He obviously starts blaming her for his sister being shot. But seriously though, they all trusted Ashley so it's not Adrianna's fault, Dixon is being an idiot. Before Annie goes into surgery, she tells Liam that he would be better off if he never met her. Cue the alternative universe in which Annie never left Kansas... In this world, Annie's high school boyfriend, Jason, wakes her up because she has fallen on the floor while rehearsing for 'The Wizard of Oz'.

The Carrie Diaries: Read Before Use Recap/Review

Some things get better with time and 'The Carrie Diaries' proved that with this week's episode, 'Read Before Use'. Carrie starts off the episode with a voice-over about labels which is the theme of this week. I really loved this opening, especially because 'Head over Heels' by The Go-Go's was playing. After this, the girls talk about how Carrie's dad won't allow her to see Sebastian. This then turns into a discussion of whether Maggie is a 'Drama Queen' or not when they begin to talk about her and Walt's break-up. In New York, Carrie talks to Larissa about dating a bad boy. Larissa tells her that good guys are no fun, that is awful advice, Larissa.

Friday, 25 January 2013

The Vampire Diaries: Catch Me If You Can Recap/Review

'The Vampire Diaries' this week was mostly about Jeremy in an episode named 'Catch Me If You Can.' The episode starts at the bar where last week left off, Jeremy doesn't want to take part in Klaus' teaching techniques so instead Klaus has the vampires in the bar come after Matt and Jeremy. Matt trips in the woods and Jeremy helps him by fighting off the vampires. When Damon shows up to help, they say that they're going back to the lake house because it's the only place that's safe. Elena then arrives to help, it's like she can smell trouble.

Glee: Sadie Hawkins Recap/Review

'Sadie Hawkins' is the name of 'Glee's returning episode because it revolves around a Sadie Hawkins dance which means the girls of McKinley get to pick their dates. I love, love, loved this episode, it was so fun and they were able to blend all the storylines very well this week. Also, the new storylines are really good so I was very happy and surprised by this episode. We start back after the winter break with Sam questioning The Warblers' win at sectionals, he thinks that they somehow cheated. Then we see a little bit of a spark when Sam asks Blaine for some lip balm. After this, the guys have to go to a McKinley Student Council meeting in which Tina says that they should have a Sadie Hawkins dance. One of Tina's main reasons for wanting to hold a dance is to help her fellow members of the 'Too Young to be Bitter Club'. Lauren Zizes (remember her? I missed her), Becky Jackson, Sugar and Tina are all part of this club. Tina's campaigning is a success when the student council passes her motion but Blaine doesn't seem too stoked.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Misery Loves Company Recap/Review

The latest episode of 'Pretty Little Liars', 'Misery Loves Company', is a must watch. This show is brilliant and one of my favorite things to watch right now because the writers have crafted the tension and suspense into the story so well. If you remember from last week Aria was starting to catch the flu and that continued into this week as her friends had to come over and make her feel better. A sick Aria has been drinking some herb tea that Meredith made to cure her but, according to Spencer, it doesn't seem to be working. Hanna tries to cheer Aria up by bringing her some trashy magazines and 'Saved By the Bell' on DVD, that would make me feel better! The girls then recap on the Byron/Ali situation. At the 'A' liar, Toby and Mona get ready for their next strike. Then Mona reminds us that she isn't in charge and Big 'A' is, Mona even refers to Big 'A' as a 'she'. Big 'A' seems totally, completely, crazy, like more crazy than Mona.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

9O21O: Misery Loves Company Recap/Review

So '9O21O' returned this week from a much needed break with 'Misery Loves Company'. Don't get me wrong, this show is seriously the worst and I hope it gets canceled but this episode wasn't as bad as many other episodes this season has been. The episode starts right where the last episode ended, with Liam all tied up and being held captive by his crazy security guard, Ashley. This girl is on a whole other level of insane and she shows it later. While Liam is chilling in the basement of The Offshore, Adrianna walks in on Dixon in bed with Megan because she's mad about her contract or something. This spooks Megan and she's already running for the door by the time Dixon turns his attention back to her. At Silver's apartment, Teddy shows up to discuss the baby issues but he's real confusing to me because he knew what Silver wanted so why change that on her now? At Naomi's house, she's missing Max but also needs to move on so she takes off her wedding ring. Then Adrianna comes to talk because she's annoyed with Dixon. The girls decide to go on a drive to get away from their troubles.

The Carrie Diaries: Lie with Me Recap/Review

This episode of 'The Carrie Diaries' was titled 'Lie with Me' as it had the theme of lying running through-out. I thought it was a pretty enjoyable episode, my only criticism is that I wish Carrie spent more time in the city. Other than that, this was a really good episode that build on the 'Pilot'. Picking up from last week, Dorrit and Carrie are still grounded but they have used this time to bond and become closer. Whereas, Donna is proving to be a threat when she begins to get closer to Sebastian, especially when she runs into him at the country club. However, Maggie and Walt are a couple that seem to be coming apart saying as he isn't ready to have sex with her yet. The Mouse spots Donna and Sebastian at the country club so she quickly finds a phone to inform Carrie. The twosome are outside smoking pot but Carrie decides to trust Sebastian anyway. When Carrie asks Sebastian about the country club at school he tells her that it was "uneventful". Although, Donna comes strolling down the hallway wearing Sebastian's jacket from that night, leading our heroine to believe that Sebastian isn't all that trustworthy.

Friday, 18 January 2013

The Vampire Diaries: After School Special Recap/Review

'The Vampire Diaries' (and Rebekah) returned this week with 'After School Special' an episode in which Rebekah went to extreme measures to catch up on all she had missed while she was daggered. The episode begins at Carole's memorial being held at the high school, I kinda forgot Carole was dead (R.I.P.) Tyler is pissed off with life so he walks out of the assembly while Elena spots Rebekah and follows her out into the hallway. We also learn that the new mayor of Mystic Falls is some dude named Rudie Hopkins. In the halls, Elena hears someone crying and discovers April who admits she knows that Elena is a vampire. Then very sneakily, Rebekah snaps Elena's neck, this school is mayhem. Some time later, Elena wakes up in the school library to find April and Rebekah waiting. I've missed Rebekah so much, she's a true badass. At the lake house, Damon and Matt are helping Jeremy to be the best vampire hunter/slayer ever but he's not very good at it. Back in town, Stefan gets a call from Rebekah telling him that she has kidnapped Elena and they're in the school library so Stefan calls Caroline for backup. Also, we learn that the new mayor is actually Bonnie's dad and he's trying to protect the town from all the evil. At school, Rebekah captures Stefan within a minute and Caroline under five seconds. Caroline is seriously pathetic this season, I don't even know what's wrong with her.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Mona-Mania! Recap/Review

Things got crazier on this week's episode of 'Pretty Little Liars', named 'Mona-Mania!' I actually thought that this week's episode was a lot better than last week's because it felt more fast paced and there were more fun moments. We start with Byron talking to Aria about last week's fire, he apologizes to her because he now knows that the girls had nothing to do with it. Byron may be sorry but I don't trust him and neither should Aria, Byron still gives me the creeps. While Aria and Byron talk, the other liars break into school after hours to get Alison's diary from the Harold's office. Unfortunately, 'A' got there first and is still there when the girls arrive. Although, 'A' gets away and Hanna gets a peek at their shoes. I can't believe they let 'A' get away again! When they find Alison's diary they discover that all the pages are now blank and 'A' has left a note that says "keep moving, ladies. Nothing to see here. -A."

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Carrie Diaries: Pilot (Series Premiere) Recap/Review

The 'Pilot' episode of 'The Carrie Diaries' has finally arrived, I've been prepping for this show for a while now. A couple of months ago, I bought the first 'The Carrie Diaries' book but I didn't read it until December. At the same time I also watched the original 'Sex and the City' series including the two movies and I fell in love with Carrie Bradshaw. She's a woman that we can all relate to, a lover, a writer and an icon. Therefore, 'The Carrie Diaries' has some pretty big Manolo Blahnik's to fill. I felt that the first episode was done very well, there were a lot of storylines that I already knew about just from The CW promos and that left me wanting a little bit more from this episode. Although, it was just the pilot and it was still a pretty strong episode. So let's begin, it's 1984 and we start with Carrie having a dream about being in New York City but she then wakes up to find that the purse her mother left her is missing, so she goes to confront her younger sister, Dorrit. I really liked this opening because it felt like I was watching a movie. Anyway, Dorrit claims that she never took no purse so Carrie starts looking around anyway and she finds pot stashed in a drawer. This then leads to a physical fight between the sisters which Carrie's father has to break up. Carrie and the rest of her family are still reeling from her mother's death so there are very tender, soft moments in this episode. It's really nice to have those kind of moments, there needs to be more shows like that. Additionally, I think that AnnaSophia Robb is great, especially in those scenes and I really enjoy her as Carrie. To help Carrie feel better about the purse, her father allows her to wear her mother's sunglasses to school. At school, Carrie runs into her frenemie, Donna LaDonna but Carrie can't get away fast enough. She then meets her real friends The Mouse, Maggie and Walt (Maggie's boyfriend) who tell her that there's a new guy at school, Sebastian Kydd. As I've read the books, I know about Carrie and Sebastian's storyline which makes me have mixed feelings about him. However, the producers could change all that in the show but he doesn't seem too different than his book alter ego. It doesn't seem like the new guy is too new though, this is obvious as Sebastian walks right up to Carrie and starts talking about her mom. Maggie and The Mouse are instantly curious so the girls have a very 'Sex and the City' dish session in the school's library. Carrie tells them that she and Sebastian met last Summer at swim club. Then The Mouse admits that she met someone over the Summer named Seth and they had sex. Maggie also tells them that she had sex but it seems like she didn't have it with Walt. This leaves Carrie as the last virgin, a very big contrast to 'Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw. Outside, Carrie finds Sebastian sitting alone so she decides to talk to him. Flashback to last Summer: Sebastian and Carrie are at the swim club and he almost kisses her but she pushes him into the water and they end up kissing anyway. He then drops the bomb about his parents building a pool at his house, meaning they won't see each other again. Back in the present, Carrie builds up the courage to ask Sebastian to the school dance but her father arrives at school. The last time her father came to school, it was to tell her about her mother so out of fear Carrie faints before she gets the chance to ask Sebastian to the dance.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Pretty Little Liars: She's Better Now (Winter Premiere) Recap/Review

It's been far too long since the last time we saw the liars but thankfully they returned this week with 'She's Better Now'. An episode in which Mona finally got out of the nut house and made her reappearance at Rosewood High. Although, she stopped in with Hanna the night prior to ask her a favor. Somehow Mona entered Hanna's house while everyone was sleeping in order to talk to her. If I were Hanna then I would have freaked out but she really has no time because Mona starts asking Hanna to basically take care of her at school as everyone else will be against her. Outside on the streets of Rosewood there's a figure that looks like 'A' who's riding around on a skateboard but this person then gets chased by Toby (an actual member of The 'A' Team) so this leads me to believe that the person on the skateboard isn't one of the many 'A's running around. The next day, Emily's dad has an alarm system set up that can only be controlled by an app on his phone. Also, Emily's parent's have put a strict curfew on her which means she can't take part in Rosewood's nighttime charity run. They kinda need to chill, don't murders happen like every week in Rosewood? Over at the Rear Window Brew, Aria and Spencer grab some coffee before school while they discuss Mona and all the over loose ends in this show.It's confusing trying to hold onto all the pieces of this puzzle. Also, Spencer asks Aria if she ever questioned her dad about being in a relationship with Alison but Aria is super touchy and doesn't want to talk about it. While Hanna's getting ready for school, she receives a basket full of muffins from 'M' meaning 'Mona'. Hanna is less than thrilled so she talks to her grandma about it. By the way, Hanna's grandma is in this episode which is awesome because I love Hanna's wacky grandma. Anyway, she gives Hanna some advice by convincing her that people can change. The girls all meet outside school to talk about the Mona situation; Emily believes that they should keep Mona close to find out more information and I agree. However, Aria disagrees as she thinks that Mona is still trouble. Inside, Aria tells Emily that he life is real tough right now because she hasn't told Ezra about his son and she can't look at her dad without thinking about what Garrett said. Things only get worse for Aria when she finds out that Meredith is going to be her teacher for the term. In her first class with Meredith, Aria gets in trouble for using her phone which Meredith takes off her. Afterwards, Meredith asks Aria to stay so Hanna, Spencer and Emily also stay behind while Meredith tells them all off. I feel like the girls should just attack her, I hate Meredith so much. In the school hall, Hanna catches up with Mona but things get bad when Mona opens her locker and finds a cow brain stuck to a knife and a note that says "takes one mad cow to know another." Mona walks down the hallway with the knife and then throws both brain and knife in the trash. She looks seriously crazy right now, I would start running if I saw Mona with a knife. Then she stops to whisper something to a limping Lucas who won't tell Hanna what Mona said.