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The Originals: House of the Rising Son Recap/Review

Rebekah returns home, bitches!!! In the second episode of 'The Originals' Rebekah rushes to New Orleans so she can find out what happened to Elijah since he hasn't been answering his phone. Keep in mind that this episode is supposed to be set a couple of months after the premiere episode. Also, we learn that Marcel has his vamp minions invite humans to his parties so they can all feed at midnight. During the party, Marcel finds out that six of his vampires have been killed, thanks to Rebekah.

The house that the gang is living in was actually the governor's house and Rebekah had a flirty thing going on with his son in 1820. Although, Klaus wasn't happy with her romantic entanglements so he decided to kill the boy. This wasn't the best move because the governor was allowing the vampires to roam free but Klaus don't care. Back in the present, Hayley and Rebekah search the house for Elijah's body with no luck.

To get more information, Rebekah goes to Sophie. She hopes that the witch will locate Elijah with a spell. Obviously Sophie can't because of Marcel's rules. We go into another flashback: This time it's the governor's son's funeral and Rebekah tells us that the governor had another son, Marcel. We see that Klaus has a connection with Marcel because, like Klaus, Marcel was born as a bastard son. This allows the governor to treat Marcel like a slave. In the present, Klaus sees that Marcel has the eyes for Cami so he tries to set them up. Later, Marcel tries to replace one of his six vamps by turning a human named Josh (who is gay). Elsewhere, Hayley seeks out wolvesbayne from a witch so she can supernaturally abort her little werewolf baby. However, this witch can not be trusted as she tells Marcel's minions that there's a werewolf running around the French Quarter. In another flashback, we see that Marcel and Rebekah had a love connection and Klaus forbids them from seeing each other.

Marcel finally realizes that Rebekah is back in town. Additionally, his minions tell him about the wolf in the Quarter. Run Hayley! Speaking of, she's about to take the wolvesbayne when Marcel's minions show up. Luckily Rebekah is nearby and helps her new gal pal out.

Klaus is real angry when Rebekah tells him that she murdered more of Marcel's vamps. She's also real angry though cause it seems like Klaus isn't doing anything to take down Marcel. Hold up though! He explains to us that Marcel's vampires drink vervain so he can't compel them. Therefore, he made sure to get to Josh first. This way Josh will remain loyal to Klaus and work from the inside to take down Marcel. Also, he compelled Cami to go on the date with Marcel and to give him info afterwards. Lastly, one of the vamps that Rebekah tried to kill isn't all dead yet so Klaus is gonna drain them of vervain and use them to come up with an excuse as to why the other vamps are dead. Klaus just schooled y'all. Although, remember when Klaus claimed that he didn't care about the baby? Well when Hayley tells him that she almost aborted it he gets furious. Thus meaning that he does care! Rebekah still needs answers so she presses him to tell her where Elijah's body is. Apparently Klaus gave Elijah's body to Marcel so he would think that they're on the same team.

You would think that Rebekah would go straight to Marcel but she's afraid that Klaus will dagger her if she does. Flashback: Rebekah and Marcel got even closer in the past so Klaus daggered Rebekah for fifty years and turned Marcel into a vampire. In the present, Hayley reveals that she stole the daggers from Klaus so Rebekah has nothing to worry about. Cut to Marcel's date with Cami when Rebekah comes storming in. He ain't giving no answers so Rebekah threatens Cami. This makes Marcel take Rebekah to Davina. She soon finds out that Davina is not to be messed with when she throws Rebekah out a window and makes Rebekah forget her location.

Klaus and Hayley share a nice scene when he explains their similarities and then talks about how Marcel turned his back on the original family. Downstairs, Rebekah is in a fury when she tells Klaus that Davina is like nothing she has ever encountered. It turns out that Davina is even more powerful than an original. At Marcel's lair, he asks Davina to figure out how to kill an original. I know that I wasn't too happy with the premiere but the second episode is so much better and I can finally see how fun this show can be. Basically what I'm saying is if you've seen the premiere and didn't like it then check out this episode anyway.

Overall episode score:-
'House of the Rising Son' = A-

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