Wednesday, 28 November 2012

9O21O: 99 Problems Recap/Review

I thought it was interesting that the writers decided to name this week's '9O21O' episode, '99 Problems'. Are they admitting that '9O21O' has that many problems (or probably more)? Or are they trying to be clever as the 100th episode is coming up next week. I would say that it's the latter but it would be more accurate if it were the former. At the start of this week's episode, Silver takes a pregnancy test to find out that she isn't pregnant. I felt bad for Silver because she really wants to have a baby, are they ever going to let her have one? However Adrianna gets good news when she finds out that she'll be opening for Ne-Yo at the Hollywood Bowl. Dixon thinks that Adrianna should get a gift for all her hard work and then he asks Annie for money but not to pay for Adrianna's gift but to help his music career. I forgot that Annie is rich because we hardly ever see her spend much money anymore. At Naomi's, she helps Max pick a new business partner but only because she wants Max to sleep with her, she's so self-absorbed. People are going crazy for Liam ever since the sex tape scandal and the press are still hounding him when Silver arrives to ask him to go to the fertility clinic with her. Back with Naomi, she decides to surprise Max at his offices wearing nothing but a coat, I can't believe she's still doing that. But Max is in a meeting with Brice, a chick that Naomi picked to be Max's new partner. Although, when Naomi picked Brice she thought Brice was a man not a woman. Meanwhile, Liam finds a letter outside the bar that says "where's Vanessa? I know what you did. You can run, but you can't hide." How very 'Pretty Little Liars'/'I Know What You Did Last Summer'/'Desperate Housewives' of '9O21O'. In other words... how unoriginal.

Naomi feels threatened by Brice so she promotes herself to be partner of Max's company, she can't be serious but it seems like she is. At the hospital, Dixon finds out that he has infected tissue and if his condition worsens then he will have to get an operation, a side effect of the operation is that Dixon might have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Put him in a wheelchair and then roll that wheelchair off a cliff for all I care, Dixon and his storylines bore me. Outside the fertility clinic, the paparazzi won't leave Liam alone and one of them says to him "you can run, but you can't hide." So Liam, being the paranoid mess that he is, punches the guy. I saw that coming but the camera man didn't (I'm so funny). At Naomi's house, Dixon and Annie are picking out gifts for Adrianna when Dixon asks the sales guy if he has any engagement rings. Sure Dixon, just propose to the girl that has been cheating on you. Back at the clinic, Silver starts to go under IVF treatment and when Silver and Liam go back outside, Liam gets arrested for assault. What did he think was gonna happen? Remember when Liam actually used to be a bad boy? What have they done to his character?

Silver meets up with Adrianna to give her some burlesque clothes for the concert. But things get deep when Adrianna finds out that Dixon might propose and she tells Silver about cheating on Dixon. Adrianna still doesn't look upset about the whole cheating thing, it's like she doesn't even care. At Liam's bar, he finds out that he now has a female bodyguard named Ashley. The studio that Liam works for felt sorry for him so they sent over Ashley, she seems nice. Things then get awkward on Annie and Riley's first date when she keeps talking about his disability and then he gets peeved because he doesn't want Annie treating him different from any other boyfriend she's had. I'm still not liking those two as a couple, it doesn't work for me. While all that happens, Max doesn't like the feeling of working with Naomi so he silently weeps about it. I wouldn't like working with her either so I don't blame Max.

Before Dixon sets off to see Adrianna at the Hollywood Bowl, he gets a call from his doctor to say that the infection has all cleared up. What was the point of all this if Dixon is clear of the infection? I know that it came into play later again but not for a good enough reason so this was a really stupid storyline. Outside the Hollywood Bowl, Noami and Max run into Brice and they talk about a goldfish question that Max asked Brice. According to Max, he has asked everyone this question and Brice is one of the only two to get it right (Alec being the other one). Meaning that Naomi needs to get Brice hired because Max so clearly needs her. Annie then finds out that Riley has stood her up so she gives Riley's ticket to Ashley the bodyguard. After Adrianna's performance, everyone thinks that Dixon is going to propose but he doesn't because he doesn't have the infection so there's no need to get married anymore and Adrianna is fine with this explanation. Their relationship is so weird. Dixon then makes her say yes to some question but he didn't propose. Although, he basically did. Silver is having pains in her leg and Liam thinks that this is bad so he takes her to the hospital in case it's a side effect to the IVF treatment. After this, Annie finds Riley in a pool with a lot of lady friends; I couldn't stop laughing because Riley looked like such a pimp. This is all to prove a point though so Annie slaps him, Riley pulls her into the pool and they kiss. Another example of an effed up relationship.

At the hospital, Silver is told that she has to harvest her eggs and she only has one shot at being pregnant. Meanwhile in the bathrooms of the Hollywood Bowl, Noami offers Brice the job at Max's company and Brice accepts. That was very big of Naomi, finally she puts someone else before herself. The next day, Liam gives Ashley an autographed picture of himself so she can give it to her niece who is a very big fan of Liam, according to Ashley. However, we then see Ashley at a tattoo studio getting Liam's picture tattooed onto her back. Does '9O21O' really need another psycho? Also, Ashley getting a tattoo of Liam was very much like 'One Tree Hill's Psycho Derek. I don't have much more to say other than see ya next week for the (should have been canceled seasons ago) 100th episode.

Overall episode grade:-
'99 Problems' = D+

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