Friday, 15 February 2013

Glee: I Do Recap/Review

This week, 'Glee' showcased a Valentine's Day episode named 'I Do' which centered on Will and Emma's wedding. This episode had a lot going on but it was fun with a lot of dramatic developments thrown in. At The Lima Bean, Rachel and Finn start this week when he calls a meeting with her to discuss his kiss with Emma. Rachel tells him that he's just confused and lonely so it doesn't really mean anything. Later, Finn goes to see Emma at school who is freaking out about her upcoming wedding. Apparently the kiss made her spin out of control which makes her OCD worse, Crazy Emma is crazy. She tells him to stay away and to keep quiet so that's what Finn does. At Glee club, Will has returned and celebrates by telling the gang this week's assignment is 'wedding' themed. I didn't miss Will at all, can he leave again? After the Glee meeting, Marley gives Jake cufflinks as a Valentine's Day present. Jake on the other hand, hasn't really gotten her anything special so Ryder helps him out. Then Finn calls another meeting with Rachel because Will wants him to sing at the wedding so Finn asks Rachel to do a duet with him. In class, Ryder helps Jake out with a performance. Jake sings 'You're All I Need to Get By' to Marley, this couple is so cute!

Santana and Quinn wait for the wedding ceremony to start, they were basically hilarious in this scene. Then Artie meets his date for the wedding who is a girl named Betty that Emma set him up with. The catch is that she is also in a wheelchair. Betty is not into Artie at all because she doesn't date guys in wheelchairs. Outside, Kurt and Blaine are getting it on in a car. I forgot how much I liked Klaine. Although, Mercedes breaks up the love-fest when she tells the guys that it's time to go. I've missed Mercedes so much! Why can't we see what's going on with her in L.A.? Back in the church, Emma is getting really nervous when Sue walks in wearing a replica of Emma's wedding dress (this is Sue's attempt at revenge, don't ask). This catapults us into a performance of 'Getting Married Today', I really liked this because of all the chaos. Sadly it ends with Emma as a runaway bride and Sue taking her place, thus embarrassing Will.

The wedding reception goes on as planned because its all been paid for. It's nice to see all the Glee kids back together again. Quinn and Santana have another hilarious scene when they get tipsy at the party. Then Ryder helps Jake with the last V-Day gift. Ryder gives him a heart pendant to give to Marley who loves it. On stage, Kurt and Blaine sing 'Just Can't Get Enough' (I love this song) while Rachel comforts Finn, Tina glares at the boys on stage, Artie and Betty actually get closer and everyone dances. After the song, Tina bitches at Kurt and he calls her a 'hag', such a funny fight. It's then time for the bouquet toss, Sue takes Emma's place as the thrower and Rachel is the catcher.

A drunk Finn questions Rachel about her feelings for him. I still feel like Finn is too immature for the New York Rachel. The duo sing 'We've Got Tonite' and a vast majority of the couples then begin to sing it too. We see Rachel & Finn, Kurt & Blaine, Marley & Jake, Quinn & Santana and Betty & Artie all go into hotel rooms. All the couples expect Marley and Jake sleep together, this is because Marley isn't ready and Jake respects that.

Rachel leaves Finn in bed and arrives home to find her apartment decked out with Valentine's Day decorations. Brody notices that Rachel has been kissing differently so she confesses that she kissed Finn but he's cool with it because they have an open relationship. She asks him if he has kissed anyone and he says no but we see him exiting a hotel room and counting money in a flashback (gigolo much?) At school, Kurt and Blaine talk to Tina about her feelings towards Blaine and she becomes cool with it all because she realizes that she was just lonely. But this doesn't necessarily mean that Kurt and Blaine are back together because Kurt keeps saying how they will remain just friends. In another hallway, Marley tells Ryder that she knows that he helped Jake with the gifts. Additionally, she says that he'll make a girl happy someday but he awkwardly says that was what he was trying to do with her. Then he goes in for a kiss.

Finn finds Will in the teacher's lounge to give him a pep talk because they're gonna win nationals and find Emma. In Glee club, the gang sing 'Anything Could Happen' which is such a catchy song. Meanwhile, Rachel realizes in New York that she might be pregnant. We don't know for sure just yet but I guess we'll find out in three weeks when 'Glee' returns. I enjoyed this episode even though it focused more on the drama than it did on the comedy, it was still fun and I like when 'Glee' switches it up and does a dramatic episode.

'You're All I Need to Get By' performed by Jake and Marley = B+
'Getting Married Today' performed by Will, Emma and Mercedes = A
'Just Can't Get Enough' performed by Kurt and Blaine = A+
'We've Got Tonite' performed by Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Finn, Marley, Jake, Quinn, Santana, Betty & Artie = A+
'Anything Could Happen' performed by New Directions = A+

Overall episode score:-
'I Do' = A

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