Friday, 1 February 2013

Glee: Naked Recap/Review

Things got a little bit heated and everyone got a little bit 'Naked' on this week's 'Glee'. We learn through a news reel that The Warblers have been disqualified from regionals.Which means that our favorite underdogs are back on track to success. However, the Glee club budget is low so they need to do some fund raising. Tina comes up with the idea of having a Glee boys calendar, she's so smart. After school, Marley guests stars on Brittany's web series, 'Fondue For Two'. I love Brittany's web show, so funny! In a hilarious webisode, Brittany tells Marley that she needs to inform Jake of her feelings for him. At school the next day, Brittany finds out that she did amazing in her SATs. Whereas, Sam did the worst. This information makes Sam feel like he's not good at anything. In New York, Rachel is cast in a student film at NYADA but she has to do a nude scene in said film. This makes Rachel question who she is. Calling for a visit from High School Rachel who tells College Rachel that she's changed so much. I love that Rachel had this conversation with herself because it was fun to see the contrast in High School Rachel and College Rachel. After this, the two Rachels sing 'Torn', which was really awesome. It was a little weird to see the two Rachels like this but it was weird in a good way. Once Rachel is done singing, Electra (the director of the student film) asks her if she wants to be in the film and Rachel says yes.

Sam arrives to school shirtless because he's trying to overcompensate for his bad test scores, as Blaine and Tina point out. Sam's body is all he thinks that he has going for him so he's gonna work it. He even holds a seminar on great bodies for the Glee boys calendar. Although, Artie points out that "not everyone in [Glee] looks like they're on The CW," this is a real good point. People come in all shapes and sizes, not everyone fits into what the media portrays as normal. This doesn't stop Sam though, leading the Glee boys (except Artie) singing a mash-up of 'Centerfold' and 'Hot in Herre'. My only comment about this performance: I die. In the McKinley teacher's lounge, Sue gets all up in Finn's business about the slightly pornographic Glee calendar. But Finn tells her that he knows she did a spread in a porn magazine once and if he has to then he'll dig it up. At Rachel and Kurt's apartment, Brody comes to breakfast naked in support of Rachel. This was a really funny scene, even though Kurt kinda hated on Rachel's decisions. In the McKinley auditorium, Marley tries to let Jake know how she feels about him by singing 'A Thousand Years'. I really like this pair but after the song Marley can't say those three little words.

Finn calls Artie to the school library so he can have Artie start to look for Sue's porn centerfold. However, things get real when Artie says that he doesn't want to be in the calendar because he isn't comfortable with his body. I feel for Artie. In the boy's locker room, Jake talks to Ryder about how he really likes Marley and wants to say 'I love you' to her. At first Ryder is uncomfortable talking about Marley and Jake's relationship but he then becomes cool with it and tells Jake that he should talk to Marley about how he feels. I love how Jake and Ryder have become bros now! During Glee club, Jake sings 'Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)' to Marley. Jake sings this so sweetly, it's so cute. Also, the music in this episode is so fun/good/awesome/great. In New York, Rachel arrives home to find Santana and Quinn waiting. This is a surprise to me because I knew that Santana was gonna be in New York but I didn't know it was this episode and I didn't know Quinn was gonna be with her.

Quinn and Santana try to convince Rachel that this nude scene is a bad idea and it'll haunt her for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, the boys are shooting the calendar at McKinley. But Sam gets overly obsessed in the whole thing so Blaine has to talk to him. In the teacher's lounge, Finn delivers an envelope with Sue's centerfold in it. She's been caught red handed so she admits all about the spread. However, she opens the envelope to find that the magazine isn't in it. Finn set her up and recorded her confession so he now has leverage over her. Wow Finn, that was kinda badass. After that, Blaine has a meeting with Miss Pillsbury so they can tell Sam that he has a lot of options in life. This makes Sam feel a lot better and I really loved this storyline because we all feel down about ourselves and our abilities sometimes.

While filming, Rachel decides that she can't do this nude scene so she walks off set. I feel like she did the right thing for herself. Then Rachel, Santana and Quinn sing 'Love Song', I've missed the old girls singing together. When the song is over, Santana tells Quinn that she's interested in moving to New York. Yay! Back at McKinley, Blaine got everyone to record a nice message for Sam (including Mercedes).

Sam feels bad about being a jerk earlier so he goes to talk to Artie about rejoining the calendar. Sam says that he too will wear a shirt to make Artie feel more comfortable. The Glee boys calendars are selling like calendars full of semi-naked boys. Not ashamed to say that I want one. Jake hand delivers a calendar to Marley and on his page he has written: 'I love you. - Jake'. To which Marley responds: "I love you back." Collective awwwwwwww! We are then transported into the last song which is  'This Is the New Year'. A great song and I loved how it was filmed because it reminded me of The Muppets and that's what the Glee club is, a big dysfunctional family. I've been loving 'Glee' lately! I think it's returned to the glory days and I'm excited to see where we go from here.

'Centerfold'/'Hot in Herre' performed by the Glee boys (expect Artie) = A+
'Torn' performed by Rachel = A+
'A Thousand Years' performed by Marley and Jake = A+
'Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)' performed by Jake = A+
'Love Song' performed by Rachel, Santana and Quinn = A+
'This Is the New Year' performed by New Directions = A+

Overall episode score:-
'Naked' = A+  

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