Friday, 11 October 2013

Glee Recap/Review: The Quarterback

This week's episode of 'Glee' is a tribute to Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson. The episode opens with a performance of 'Seasons of Love' starting with the newest Glee club members, the older members enter and then Kurt, Santana, Mercedes, Puck and Mike Chang appear. Behind them is a picture of Finn in his football uniform and then the title card shows with Finn incorporated (above). This first performance has me emotional already because you can see the grief in the actor's eyes as they sing this opening number.

The story of the episode starts three weeks after Finn's funeral. Kurt prepares to return to Lima for a memorial that Mr. Schuester has organized. In the choir room, Mercedes sings 'I'll Stand by You' because she remembers that Finn sang this once. Afterwards, Principal Sue tells Kurt that someone has taken the tree that he planted for Finn. That someone is Puck, I guess that this is how he feels close to Finn. Later, Carole, Burt and Kurt go through Finn's stuff and decide what to keep or throw away. Some items are callbacks to earlier episodes of 'Glee', like Finn's letterman jacket which Kurt decides to keep. The family are struck with grief, the scene ending with them all embracing. The next day, Puck tells Kurt that he doesn't deserve Finn's jacket. This scene takes place at the dumpster that the jocks used to throw Kurt into.

The Glee club sings 'Fire and Rain' in the auditorium in a very intimate scene. Santana can't stay for the rest of the meeting because she's too sad so she goes to Finn's locker instead where people have left candles. Annoyingly, Principal Sue has demanded that the candles be taken away because it's a fire hazard, sending Santana into smackdown mode. She races to the principal's office so she can give Sue a piece of her mind. The two come to blows because Santana feels like Sue is a cold-hearted bitch who didn't even like Finn. Might Santana be projecting? Following this, Emma tells Will that she's worried because he hasn't cried or come to terms with his grief yet.

Puck is taking the lose of this best friend hard because he feels like there's no one left in his life to push him forward. However, Coach Beiste tells him that it's now time for him to be his own quarterback. Also, it's time for him to give back the tree. Coach Beiste is creepily smart. In the next Glee meeting, Santana sings 'If I Die Young' in remembrance of her fallen friend. Although, she can't get through the whole song and when anyone gets close to her she freaks out and runs away. Kurt finds Santana in the auditorium where she tells him that she wanted to say something nice about Finn but she was just a bitch again. Kurt encourages her to say what she wanted to say in the meeting so she tells him of all the times that Finn was a good guy. He then gives her Finn's jacket because she needs it the most right now.

Puck sings 'No Surrender' in the choir room when Santana returns. She took a little grief nap and when she woke up Finn's jacket was missing. All fingers are pointing towards Puck, can we blame them? He maintains that he did not steal the jacket though. Later, Santana visits Sue to apologize and Sue admits that she's destroyed by the fact that Finn died thinking she hated him.

Rachel returns home to honor Finn by singing 'Make You Feel My Love'. Then Santana tells Schuester that she won't be coming back to Lima for some time. Meanwhile, Puck replants the tree and talks to Coach Beiste about how he wants to join the army. As Puck rides away, Beiste notices that 'Quarterback' is carved into the tree.

One of the most emotional scenes of the episode is the one that Rachel talks just to Mr. Schuester about how she still talks to Finn, how she had their future planned out and she then gives him a memorial plaque to hang in the choir room with Finn's picture on it and the quote: "The show must go... all over the place... or something." You might think that that scene sounds pretty sad but the most emotional scene for me was the one that follows. It is revealed that Mr. Schuester stole Finn's jacket and Emma holds him while he cries into it. I thought that the 'Glee' producers did the best that they could with this storyline and it made for a very emotional episode, one which I feel really honored both Cory Monteith and Finn Hudson.

Overall episode score:-
'The Quarterback' = A+

'Seasons of Love' performed by past and present members of New Directions = A+
'I'll Stand by You' performed by Mercedes = A+
'Fire and Rain' performed by Sam and Artie = A
'If I Die Young' performed by Santana = A+
'No Surrender' performed by Puck = A
'Make You Feel My Love' performed by Rachel = A+

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