Friday, 18 October 2013

The Vampire Diaries Recap/Review: Original Sin

Strap in for a crazy ride because it's 'Vampire Diaries' time! Stefan is now roaming free somewhere. We see him entering a bar and drinking from a bartender then when he goes outside he burns in the sun. Elena sees all this in a dream and then wakes up to tell Damon. At first, Damon feels awkward that Elena is having dreams about her ex-boyfriend/his baby bro but he comes around. Enter Katherine, who tells them that she is having the same dreams. Is this a doppelganger thing? Regardless, they need to find Stefan before he returns to his old ripper ways or, even worse, dies.

Poor Matt is in trouble as Silas believes that Nadia's traveler friend, Gregor, is still alive in Matt's body. Thus, Nadia must remove the Gilbert ring from Matt and kill him, this way Gregor will completely die too. Elsewhere, Stefan wakes up in the company of a lady who saved him from burning to death. She seems nice and a little odd but you know what they say... Not everything is what it seems. She has a connection with Silas and begins telling us the story: Two thousand years ago in Ancient Greece Silas was just a simple guy in love with a girl. That girl who Silas was in love with is currently telling us the story. Yep, you guessed it she's Qetsiyah (she now goes by Tessa), the chick who made the cure, locked Silas in a tomb and created the supernatural limbo for when he died. If you're wondering how Qetsiyah could possibly be here right now then you can thank Bonnie for dropping the veil.

Katherine, Elena and Damon are on a road trip to find Stefan and the bar that both Elena and Katherine saw in their dreams (later it is revealed that Tessa planted these dreams in their heads). This is pretty fun because Katherine is the worst to have on a road trip. Meanwhile, Nadia finds Matt and pulls Gregor forth. Matt is in no harm though because Nadia is double-crossing Silas. She loves Gregor and needs Katherine for her own personal gain. Therefore, Gregor (as Matt) calls Elena to find out where Katherine is so Nadia can go after them. Back in Tessa's dingy cabin, she tells us the rest of Silas' story: Qetsiyah and Silas were to be married and drink the immorality elixir together. Although, Silas had other plans, on the day of the wedding he sneaked off to drink the elixir with Qetsiyah's handmaiden who he was in love with. Who is this woman you're asking? She's the original Elena/Katherine doppelganger!!! I'll let that sink in for a minute...

Let me explain what's happening here... Silas and  Qetsiyah's handmaiden took the immorality elixir and nature wouldn't stand for that so it needed to create a balance by creating mortal shadow selves, A.K.A. doppelgangers. This is why Katherine and Elena look like Qetsiyah's handmaiden and why Stefan looks like Silas. According to Tessa, there have been many more doppelgangers that look like Silas and the handmaiden. I thought that this was so smart because I don't think it was explained in the books why Elena and Katherine looked alike or why doppelgangers existed so it's really cool that the writers of the show would give us this insight and it's a storyline which actually makes sense. Also, we're told that Qetsiyah fed the cure to her handmaiden and then killed her so when Silas wouldn't take it she just dumped him in the tomb hoping that he eventually would. This Qetsiyah/Tessa bitch is psychotic but she's the only one who can kill Silas. Anyway, Elena and Damon arrive at the bar that was in her dream where they find the bartender who tells them everything she knows about Stefan. Unfortunately, Nadia has also found the bar and Katherine (who was sleeping) has the worst timing by walking in. Nadia and Elena get in a fight while Katherine runs for her life. After Nadia runs away too, Damon and Elena decide to split up with Damon going to find Stefan and Elena in search of Katherine.

Elena finds Katherine in the woods and it doesn't take Nadia long to show up, knock Elena out and kidnap Katherine. You had one job, Elena. While one fails, the other succeeds as Damon finds Stefan who is now all tied up. Tessa wants to use the connection that Stefan has with Silas to turn off Silas' power of getting into other people's minds which is good for Nadia because Tessa turns off the mind control just as Silas is about to tell her to shoot herself and hand over Katherine.

Still in the cabin, Tessa tells Damon that each time there is a Stefan/Elena doppelganger they find each other and fall in love because it's destiny. Poor Damon, he never gets the girl. Although, I'm thinking that originally Stefan was in love with Katherine so maybe it's their destiny. That still doesn't make sense because Elena would need another doppelganger to fall in love with but I just want Damon and Elena to be happy. I guess that it doesn't help when Elena finds the cabin and she rushes to help Stefan rather than Damon who had a nasty fall, thanks to Tessa. Elsewhere, Nadia is on the run with Katherine but Kathy wants answers so when Silas calls them she asks what the deal is. Are you ready for another shocker? Both Silas and Tessa want Katherine because she has taken the cure, that doesn't mean that the cure is no more but instead it means that her blood is now the cure! I'm thinking that if any vampire tries to feed from her then they'll be cured, right? And this gives Elena hope if she wants to still be human again.

Matt wakes up and realizes that he's having some memory lose issues. At the Salvatore house, Damon tells Elena about what Tessa said but she reassures him that she's in love with him. Then Stefan wakes up after the spell Tessa cast. He has no idea who they are! It seems like Tessa's spell fried his brain! Is it just me or is this season getting better with each episode!? I really adore this season so far and I'm lusting for more.

Overall episode score:-
'Original Sin' = A+

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  1. Great review as always!!! I totally agree. I have to say though Elena is pissing me off this season. It seems like her acting took a cliff dive. Anyway totally did not see all the surprises at the ending. Loving Jeremy as well this season, so great that he is becoming quite kick butt this season. Matt is becoming more and more the voice of reason which is awesome. I love how Stefan is a lot more open about his desires to kill people but that he still is trying to be the best person he can be! As always great review and can't wait to read your take on this weeks episode!

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