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The Originals: Always and Forever (Series Premiere) Recap/Review

Before 'The Originals' can begin we must first go back with it's series premiere, 'Always and Forever'. The premiere episode takes us back to the time of the backdoor pilot episode from season 4 of 'The Vampire Diaries', this gives us the story from Elijah's point-of-view. Even before that though, we travel back 300 years to see the original vampire family (Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson, plus family members in coffins) when they first arrive in New Orleans.

300 years later, Elijah comes back to New Orleans to help out Klaus by finding Jane-Anne. Sabine, a witch, leads him to Jane-Anne's sister, Sophie, who is currently mourning Jane-Anne (Marcel has killed her for practicing magic). Elijah watches from above as Marcel takes Jane-Anne's body. How rude! Rebekah remains in Mystic Falls while all of this is going on and Elijah fills her in via texts/calls. She seems pretty serious about not wanting to return to New Orleans though. I wonder what changes her mind? We then see Elijah save Sophie from Marcel's minions.

Sophie takes Elijah to a cemetery (note: he needs to be invited in) where she shows him what the witches have on Klaus. It just so happens to be a pregnant Hayley. The witches hope that Klaus will help them fight Marcel if they keep his unborn child safe. I think this is the plan, it got a little foggy. When Hayley and Elijah have some alone time, he shows her the back story of the original family. I'll fill you in real quick: It all happened about a thousand years ago, the family wanted to protect themselves and their mother was a witch so she turned them into vampires but Klaus didn't have the same father as the rest of them, he was half werewolf so this made him a hybrid because he is both vampire and werewolf now. Also, their father was a dick.

The pregnancy is revealed to Klaus and he isn't too keen on being a father. However, Elijah tries his hardest to change Klaus' mind. Unfortunately, the hybrid isn't budging.

In another meeting with the witches, Sophie tells them that she is linked with Hayley. Therefore, if Sophie gets hurt or dies then Hayley will get hurt or die. Meanwhile, Klaus and Marcel have a spat which ends with Klaus biting one of Marcel's vampires (this is fatal and will kill the vampire unless they drink Klaus' blood) while Elijah watches from above.

In order to get back on Marcel's good side, Elijah has a sit down with him. He also gets Jane-Anne's body and gives it to the witches to show that they're on the team. Later, Elijah beats some sense into Klaus, literally. This time Klaus gives in and gets on Team Elijah/witches.

The witches have a memorial for Jane-Anne while Klaus tells Elijah that he wants to be king of New Orleans again. The next day, Hayley, Klaus and Elijah move into the Mikaelson plantation. Now think back to the backdoor pilot, remember when Klaus gave Marcel his blood so the vampire he bit could be cured? It turns out that this was a plan to make Marcel think that they weren't enemies. Meanwhile, we find out that the witches don't want Marcel dead because he's holding a witch named Davina captive... or they're in a relationship together, it's unclear at this point but our heroes know nothing about it. Back at the Mikaelson plantation, Klaus tells us that he doesn't want Rebekah to come and he daggers Elijah (!!!) because he wants to fight this war alone. That wraps up the first episode and let me be honest I wasn't really impressed by it. I think it's just because we've already seen this story. The only things I was surprised about were Sophie and Hayley being linked and Klaus daggering Elijah but I wasn't really clear as to why he daggered Elijah. I still don't really get it. Nonetheless, I do see promise here and I'm interested in what's gonna happen next.

Overall episode score:-
'Always and Forever' = B+

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