Friday, 4 October 2013

Glee: Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Recap/Review

Week two of the Beatles tribute, 'Tina in the Sky with Diamonds', featured the 'Glee' members going to a joint junior/senior prom. The nominations for prom king are Artie and Blaine while Tina and Kitty are nominated for prom queen (even though Kitty is a sophomore). Realistically I don't see how either Blaine or Artie would be nominated, they're not that popular, but whatever. Tina is so happy about her nomination that she bursts into song but it's cut short when the bell rings so I'm not even gonna grade that performance.

Santana is seen looking at a waitress at the Spotlight Diner named Dani (special guest star Demi Lovato) and she then shows Rachel a commercial that she did for yeast infections. This commercial is everything! Google it. Back at McKinley, Bree the Bitchy Cheerio spews an amazing speech about how Kitty has to be prom queen and they can't let Tina win. I don't wanna like Bree but her dialogue is hilarious. By the way, Tina dumped Sam as her prom date since she might now be prom queen and Sue informs him that he has to get an injection so he's having a pretty crappy day. At NYADA, Kurt tries to get Rachel's old spunk back by singing 'Get Back' with her. The song is a little slow for me but this performance made me smile.

There's a new nurse (Penny) at McKinley who's super young and Sam has the eyes for. In the hallways, Tina is real mad to see 'Kitty for prom queen' posters everywhere cause Kitty said that she had Tina's back. However, it was those bitchy Cheerios that put the posters up and not Kitty. In New York, Santana and Dani have instant sparks. Cutest couple alert!!! Back at McKinley, Sam sings 'Something' to express his love for Nurse Penny. This is another slow song, come on you guys I need an upbeat song that I can jive to! Afterwards, Sam finds out that Nurse Penny is fired and he tells Principal Sue that she needs to re-hire her. Woah! Why am I now just noticing how long Sam's hair has gotten!? Meanwhile, Bree and the Cheerios try to get Dottie (Tina's minion) to turn against Tina. Can I just take a minute to express my love for Dottie? In New York, all the romantic feels happen when Santana and Dani sing 'Here Comes the Sun'. I love this song and their voices together.

It's prom time! The Glee club sing 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' but Sam is definitely not lonely cause Nurse Penny is his date! This performance was really fun and I really liked their voices here, especially the dudes. Then prom king and queen are announced! Unfortunately, none of the Glee guys won prom king (Stoner Brett won) but Tina did win prom queen. Yay for Tina! Although, her victory doesn't last very long. Bree has planned for Dottie to release a bucket of red slush. Kitty figures out Bree's plan but she's too late, Tina gets slushed and Stoner Brett gets hit by the bucket. It's all very 'Carrie'. The New Directions try to cheer Tina up by singing 'Hey Jude' and Kitty even gives Tina her prom dress. Kitty does have a soul!

Coach Roz pulls Bree into Sue's office so she can get the public spanking that she deserves but Sue doesn't even know who Bree is, this is pretty hilarious. Regardless, Sue wants Bree to work at destroying the Glee club. Sue would do it herself but she's tried before and she's principal now so she don't got time for that. At the Spotlight Diner, Kurt decides to become a waiter and Rachel gets the news that she will play Fanny in 'Funny Girl'. The New Yorkers and the New Directions sing 'Let It Be' to close the episode. This was the best song of the episode and my mind did wander to Cory Monteith.

'Get Back' performed by Kurt and Rachel =B+
'Something' performed by Sam = B
'Here Comes the Sun' performed by Dani and Santana = A+
'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' performed Ryder, Unique, Marley and Jake = A-
'Hey Jude' performed by the New Directions = A
'Let It Be' performed by the New Directions, Rachel, Kurt and Santana = A+

Overall episode score:-
'Tina in the Sky with Diamonds' = A

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