Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Originals Recap/Review: Tangled Up in Blue

The devilish originals have a plan in motion to get Elijah back in the latest episode. Plan A is to simply ask Marcel to give him back and Plan B is "war", as Klaus puts it. Typically, Marcel turns down Plan A so war it is! Starting off, Klaus uses Josh to drain one of Marcel's minions of vervain. Meanwhile, Rebekah meets up with Sophie to track down the witch that outed Hayley to Marcel. This witch is named Katie and she's in a relationship with Marcel's right hand man, Thierry.

The originals are gonna use this information to their advantage by having Marcel's minion (now under Klaus' control) bite Katie, Thierry is gonna see this go down and he's gonna kill the other vamp. When Marcel finds out he's gonna punish Thierry so Sophie will convince Katie to cast a big spell. While Katie's working her magic, Sophie will perform a smaller spell that won't be on Davina's radar because of Katie's much bigger spell. Yeah... it's a lot of plot and a ton of scheming but it might work. By the way, Marcel knows of Thierry and Katie's relationship but they have to follow his rules. Later, Rebekah invites Camille to a charity event that Marcel's throwing. Not only will Cami distract Marcel but Rebekah can also get the low down on their relationship. Looks like Rebekah still has a thing for Marcel, I'm still team Matt/Rebekah though. Afterwards, Klaus gets Marcel to convince his vamps to trash the witches quarters as a way of sending a message. This is when the minion bites Katie and then Thierry stakes him.

Hayley is left at home while everyone else attends Marcel's masquerade themed charity event. Sophie's friend, Sabine, shows up to look after Hayley and she offers to cast a spell in order to find out the baby's gender. At the event, Camille and Marcel grow close but are interrupted when the news of Thierry reaches him. Marcel is well pissed and Klaus is only adding fuel to the fire. He plants a spell to make daylight rings on Josh who brings it to Marcel and says that it was found in Katie's house. If Marcel was mad before then he's furious now. He sentences Thierry to one hundred years in the garden, an underground dungeon of sorts. It ain't over yet though, Katie casts a spell to kill Marcel.

Davina feels Katie casting the epic spell which allows Sophie to cast her much smaller spell. Before Sophie's spell is complete, Klaus snaps Katie's neck. Not to worry though, Marcel now trusts Klaus so he offers to give Elijah back. SCORE! To make things even more better for himself, Klaus tries to get Camille to fall for Marcel. It looks like Cami and Klaus have some sparks of their own... After this, Rebekah is super annoyed that Klaus betrayed the witches. Elsewhere, Davina doesn't want Marcel to give Elijah back to the originals. Lastly, Hayley tells Klaus that she's having a girl (according to Sabine). But we're shown that Sabine was possessed while trying to figure out the gender of Hayley's baby. She chanted "nos omina perdetu el eam" so Hayley is now searching the web trying to find a translation but there are no results. Side note: I tried searching it and I found nothing either. I wasn't too impressed with this episode, however it opened the door for some interesting storylines to come.

Overall episode score:-
'Tangled Up in Blue' = B

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