Friday, 11 October 2013

The Vampire Diaries Recap/Review: True Lies

In the opening of this stellar episode, Bonnie recounts to Jeremy how Silas killed her father. Sadly Bonnie cannot contact her father on the other side because her father wasn't a supernatural being. Then she tells Jeremy that they need to keep Katherine away from Silas because they can't let him succeed. Speaking of that pesky little minx, Katherine's on the run until Matt finds her and brings her to Jeremy. What happened with Matt and Nadia? Why does he seem so normal? Let's hope that we get some answers...

Our college girls, Elena and Caroline, realize that Megan's death is being covered up by one of the college's professors, Wes Maxfield. They try to sit in on one of his upperclassmen classes but he knows that they're only freshmen so they get thrown out. In Mystic Falls, Damon enlists Sheriff Forbes to help him locate Stefan's body in the falls while Matt and Jeremy try to keep Katherine hidden.

The college campus is home to many species, you have the jocks, the nerds, the stoners and immortal vampires. Yes, Elena runs into Silas, thinking that he is Stefan. Before she sees him, Elena is on the phone to Damon thus he knows it is Silas but Elena hangs up before he can tell her. Meanwhile, Katherine is spotted by a Mystic Falls resident at a truck stop. Meaning that Silas now knows where she is because all of Mystic Falls is compelled to let him know if they see Katherine. Back at college, Damon walks in on Caroline and fills her in on the Silas situation. They need to find Elena fast! Silas gets the text that Katherine is at the truck stop so he asks Elena if she knows anywhere near the stop that Jeremy might go.

What's the most important part of the college experience? Parties! This week's party happens to be a bonfire. Damon and Caroline find Elena at the party with new college friend, Jesse, who tells Elena that Professor Wes is part of a secret society on campus. Interesting... might this secret society hunt vampires? Time will tell. In the woods, Jeremy, Matt and Katherine are hiding out at an old camping site when Silas appears. Weirdly, Silas can't get inside Matt's head and that's because Nadia's friend is using Matt to spy on Silas so the immortal vamp snaps Matt's neck. Matt is wearing the Gilbert ring so he'll be fine. He wakes up on the other side with Bonnie who tells him everything and tries to get him back to his body. In her dorm room, Elena tortures Damon! She's doing this because Silas has gotten inside her head. Eventually Damon snaps her out of it though and Caroline walks into their room demanding boundaries. Also, Caroline seems to be having a little flirty action with Jesse prior to this.

Jeremy and Katherine make it back to the car but he can't leave without Matt so he goes back, much to Katherine's dismay. Miss Katherine might have a point because Silas finds Jeremy and they go at it. Things to note: Jeremy is currently stronger than Silas and Silas can't get into Jeremy's head but Silas is immortal and Jeremy isn't. Also, Jeremy works out.

Silas has the upper hand with his immortality when he runs a stick through both his and Jeremy's arms. Enter badass Katherine Peirce who shoots Silas, that will keep him down for a while. Listen, Katherine may not be a vampire no more but she is still as badass as ever. Later, Silas returns to the truck stop where Nadia and her friend find him. Apparently Nadia's friend has beef with Silas. However, Nadia informs us, and Silas, that she has her own agenda so she kills her friend and joins Team Silas. The next day, Elena decides to leave college so she can go off in search of Stefan. Beforehand, Professor Wes tells her that he knew her father. Things seem to get more and more stranger at Whitmore College and Caroline is left to figure it out. In Mystic Falls, Sheriff Forbes delivers this week's cliffhanger when she finds the safe that Stefan was in but when they open it up there's a dead body inside and no Stefan. Meaning Stefan got out and he's real hungry. I'm really loving this college season, I didn't really know what to expect but it's great so far and I can't believe that this is only the second episode because so much has happened!

Overall episode score:-
'True Lies' = A

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